What are the average Applied Behavior Analysis salaries?

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The average salary for an ABA specialist is $33,000. This includes the cost of living and other benefits in addition to income. Many people with top jobs still struggle financially because they have multiple children or adult dependents that need support but can’t be placed into foster care until their mental health improves.

The “master’s in aba salary” is the average Applied Behavior Analysis salaries. The master’s degree takes about 3 years to complete and usually pays around $50,000 a year.

How much do behavior analysts make? may be on your mind if you’ve chosen to enter the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA). Of course, money isn’t everything, but it sort of is! When considering a job, people want to know what their overall income will be. When making crucial choices like the following, you’ll need to have a notion of applied Behavior Analyst salary.

  • what to live in,
  • If you purchase or lease,
  • how you intend to support your family or yourself. 

Because board certified analysts may work with their customers in a variety of roles, this article covers a range of applied behavior analysis wages. Additionally, geography and experience have an impact on pay. While some positions for behavior analysts merely call for a high school certificate, other roles call for an analyst with greater training and education.  

Some applied behavior analysts set lofty goals for themselves by pursuing a Master’s or Doctoral degree. If you want to pursue managerial or leadership positions in your profession, an advanced degree can be a wise decision. To better serve their customers, many big businesses and clinical settings demand that a behavior analyst at the very least have a Master’s degree. For high roles, a doctorate may be necessary. 

You should keep reading to learn more about:

  • the several ABA certificates that the Behavior Analyst Certification Board offers
  • the ranges of salaries for applied behavior analysis, and
  • place to go if you want to boost your earning potential and generate more money than the ordinary person. 

The 40 Best ABA Certification Online Graduate Programs are another resource.

Various applied behavior analysis certification pay ranges correspond to different certificate types. 

Anyone with an advanced degree (think Master’s or Doctorate) often earns more money than someone with a non-advanced degree (Bachelor’s or Associate’s). 

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board offers four main certification kinds in the area of applied behavioral analysis. These consist of:

  • BCaBA: A Bachelor’s degree is all that is needed to become a board certified assistant behavior analyst. Specific training and supervision hours under the guidance of a BCBA or BCBA-D are required of BCaBAs. 
  • A Master’s degree in behavior analysis, psychology, or education is required, along with certain coursework and supervision hours, to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Despite often supervising a group of RBTs who carry out their treatment plans for clients, BCBAs are allowed to work autonomously. The average pay for a BCBA is often more than that of a BCaBA or RBT. A master’s degree in ABA may earn a person a salary of roughly $68,000 per year, according
  • BCBA-D: A Board Certified Behavior Analyst with a Doctorate in addition to a Master’s degree is simply referred to as a BCBA-D. The same level of services as BCBAs are provided by BCBA-Ds. Simply put, they are better educated than their ABA counterparts and may make much more money.
  • An extra member of the ABA therapy team is an RBT, or Registered Behavior Technician A high school diploma is required for registered behavior technicians. They have received applied behavior analysis training and certification. To accomplish the objectives set out by the BCBA, RBTs interact closely with customers.

Students in ABA must decide:

  • their intended careers,
  • their necessary pay, and
  • how long they intend to keep going to school.

Students may choose whatever degree and certification they want to pursue by identifying these factors. They have a variety of incomes they may choose from. So what is the salary of a behavior analyst?

Applied Behavior Analyst Salary is in the bottom end of the range.


average salary for ABA workerIf they are employed by governmental organizations, which in this instance includes a school-based employment, the typical applied behavior analysis job wage will probably continue to be on the lower end.

The national average salary for a crime analyst is $4k. Other examples of government-related and/or government-funded behavior analysis jobs include working for a school district, where the average salary is $52k, and becoming a liaison to the juvenile court, where the salary ranges from $32k to $55k. 

The private sector offers a variety of opportunities for those seeking to increase their income.

Salary for an Applied Behavior Analyst at the top of the scale

When board-certified behavior analysts work in the private sector, the salary range in the business is extremely wide. They will be able to locate a variety of useful careers in behavior analysis. Smart behavior analyzers may earn twice as much or three times as much for the same task. Particularly in the present work environment, individuals could have more freedom than they had in the past.

Board-certified behavior analyzers are in high demand, and many organizations require them to work with their workforce.

Examples of positions and pay in the private sector include:

  • an organization’s BCBA (beginning at $70k in Georgia),
  • a clinical director who is a BCBA (beginning at $90k in Georgia),
  • A BCBA working at a private mental health clinic in Georgia (paying between $65k and $80k). 

The employment market is favorable for board certified behavior analysts who wish to work with autistic children as ABA therapists because of the increased focus on early intervention. The extensive training that applied behavior analyzers provide may be helpful for both adults and children with autism spectrum disorder   

The annual income of a board-certified behavior analyst may surpass $100,000! 

The three types of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are described below.

Where there is money, there are corporate employment! 

ABA in the workplaceMany individuals believe that ABA professionals must work in a clinic or classroom environment. Simply said, it is untrue. Major firms and enterprises often employ board-certified behavior analysts to intervene, assist settle conflicts, and improve the working environment. 

An industrial-organizational (IO) psychologist or an applied behavior analyst may be hired by a major firm to deal with its workforce. They will make sure they know where each employee will succeed by using the reports provided on their employees.

The following tasks are carried out by these behavior analysis specialists (and they may absolutely use their BCBA in an office setting!):

  • Put psychological research to use at work
  • working in human resources departments
  • assist employers in bringing on more competent personnel
  • aid in employee motivation and training
  • evaluating an employee’s performance
  • Boost business effectiveness
  • enhance organizational design
  • facilitating changes like corporate acquisitions
  • Investigate consumer behavior
  • perform consulting work

People who don’t want to work for the government, in education, with children, or with people who have autism or developmental disabilities may work in the business sector with regular people who are just trying to make ends meet and further their careers.  

Additionally, consulting employment is a viable choice.

In the private sector, there are several consultants looking for employment with numerous organizations at once. They could work for governmental organizations, carry out contract work for significant businesses, or intrude into customers’ homes to do assessments there. 

The most of the time, consultants work from home, setting their own hours and coming and going as they want. The analyst has a simpler life, and their schedule allows them more freedom and flexibility.

They may earn as much money as they like (within reason, of course! ), which is an additional benefit. The pay for a certified behavior analyst in consulting might be quite significant. The top consultants in applied behavior analysis might earn three times the national average. It all comes down to dedication, effort, and determination. 

Continuing in two or more jobs

Applied behavior analysts could have many positions. 

An example of this may be having a private consulting business after hours while working part-time for a school system. Or maybe an analyst is hired on a temporary basis by a number of businesses and organizations.

Don’t forget to teach as well! For seasoned analysts, teaching other applied behavior analysis students at the college level is a feasible alternative and a worthwhile side job to consider. 

When contractors know they will be able to work all the required hours, they may accept various employment within the business. When spread out over the course of the week, someone working with three or four firms at once will have time for 15-20 hours each company.

What is the Average Pay for an Applied Behavior Analyst? Conclusion

Applied behavior analyzers may work in the public sector, which often involves the education system, in the business sector, or they can open their own private practice and provide simultaneous consultations to many customers. Every individual has an option to make, and every decision affects their pay. Depending on where they choose to work, what tasks they are in charge of, and whom they report to, behavior analysts’ salary will vary. 

Jennifer Cerny

Northeastern State University offers the Master of Education degree.

Disorders of Behavior and Learning | Georgia State University

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The “bcba vs aba salary” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question is not easy to find, but I have done the work for you! Here are some of the averages.

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