Top 15 PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis 2022

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The field of Applied Behavior Analysis is becoming more popular, with many people considering it a career option. The APA has created four new job opportunities in the field, but these jobs are highly competitive and require an advanced degree.

The “phd in aba salary” is a popular degree that has been on the rise. The top 15 schools for this degree are listed below.

Students may become qualified for positions in academia, research, or clinical practice by earning a applied behavior analysis doctorate. ABA specialists may work with families of children with impairments, teach at the university level, or carry out their own independent study. In the subject, a PhD is regarded as the highest degree. Entry into PhD programs in ABA is very selective and difficult. Programs offer:

  • Modern ABA coursework
  • research possibilities
  • the chance to present and publish articles

The requirements for admission vary each program, however some accept applicants with merely a bachelor’s degree. Others could demand that candidates have a master’s degree in ABA and practical experience dealing with people with impairments. While some courses are provided online, the majority are still taught in conventional classrooms. When compiling this list of the top 15 PhDs in Applied Behavior Analysis we took into account both categories.

To highlight some of the greatest degrees available in the nation, we compiled this list of the top PhD behavior analysis programs. We used the National Center for education Statistics to locate universities with graduate-level ABA programs. We focused our search on PhD-granting institutions. Then, points were given based on things like the ratio of students to professors, the average graduate tuition rate, and whether or not they were ABAI approved. Since ABAI certification is a sign of a good training program, we believed it to be significant.

Faculty to student ratio:

  • less than 12:1 — 3 points
  • 13:1–19:1, minus two points
  • 20:1 or more — 1 point

average cost of graduate school:

  • $10,000 or less – 3 points
  • 10% to 15% less by two points
  • More than $15,000 minus one point


  • For ABAI accreditation, two points

15. Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Marquette University

applied behavior analysis doctorate

Student-to-Faculty Ratio on Website: 13: $21,690/year on average for graduate school tuition ABAI Certified? 3 No Points A two-year full-time PhD in behavior analysis program is available from Marquette University. Students finish challenging curriculum and choose a specialty. In the brand-new Behavior Analysis Program Building, Marquette ABA students get training. It has a clinic where students may finish their practical training with members of the local community. Leading academics in their fields act as research mentors. To assist students in achieving their professional objectives, they provide direction and support. Modern behavioral analytic evaluations and treatments will be put into practice by the students, who will thereafter become leaders and innovators in their profession.

14. Chicago, Illinois’ The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Master’s in educational Psychology online

Student to faculty ratio on website: 4:1 $22,212/year on average for graduate school tuition ABAI Certified? 4 No Points A top-notch full-time online Dr. of ABA is offered by the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. For working professionals, it’s a fantastic option. Students are exposed to a range of ABA applications and specialities via the courses that are taught by practitioner professors. Courses available include:

  • In ABA, supervision and consulting
  • Critical Evaluation of Verbal Behavior Research
  • Behavior Experimental Analysis

An Advanced Applied Project or a thesis are available as capstone assignments. A dissertation is a requirement for all students. Students may seek BCBA certification if they finish their master’s degree during the five-year PhD program.

13. Boston, Massachusetts’ Simmons University.

PhD in behavior analysis program


Website Student to Faculty Ratio: 9:1 Average Graduate Tuition: $21,528/year ABAI Accredited? No Points: 4 The top online PhD in behavior analysis at Simmons University is a 48 credit-hour program. It’s for analysts who want to make significant contributions to the science and practice of ABA. The live, online format allows students to engage with peers and faculty from across the country. Students participate in ongoing lab meetings of faculty, becoming immersed in their research. research possibilities are available in a variety of areas including:

  • Conditioning is reinforced
  • Equivalence of stimuli
  • Medical behavior

Graduates are ready for employment in:

  • research
  • education
  • clinical management and intervention.

12. Endicott College, located in Beverly, Massachusetts

applied behavior analysis doctorate


Student-to-Faculty Ratio on Website: 13: Grad school costs on average $12,666 per year. ABAI Accredited? 4 No Points A applied behavior analysis doctorate is available with 60 credits from the School of Education at Endicott College. Students who complete this research-based program are prepared to work in academia or as scientist-practitioners in a range of contexts. The manner of how the courses are presented is convenient for working students. Students may communicate with instructors and their classmates synchronously online from any place. Along with 30 credits of classroom, students also complete 30 credits of research and clinical immersion. The program has a tough admissions process, and candidates must have an ABA master’s degree or an equivalent degree. The autumn semester is when new cohorts start.

11. University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida

Dr. of ABA


Website Student to Faculty Ratio: 22:1 Average Graduate Tuition: $8,350/year in-state and $19,048/year out-of-state ABAI Accredited? No Points: 4 The University of South Florida features a top value ABA PhD program focused on developing scientist-practitioners. Students work closely with dedicated, dynamic faculty and a cohort of talented students from around the globe. research possibilities are available to help students gain breadth and depth in their area of interest. Courses were designed to meet ABAI Accreditation requirements and give students perspectives that are helpful for ABA practitioners. Students will benefit from mentored and independent teaching experiences that prepare them for a future faculty position. All students complete a dissertation and present their research and state and national meetings.

10. New Jersey’s Caldwell University,

Dr. of ABA


Student-to-Faculty Ratio on Website: 13: average graduate school costs $17,910 per year. ABAI Certified? Yes, 5 points Caldwell University’s premier applied behavior analysis doctorate trains students for high-level ABA jobs in places like:

  • specialty instruction
  • mentally sound
  • academia

The 90-credit program consists of classes in:

  • Behavior analysts’ professionalism
  • Modern ABA
  • Language and Social Skills for Autism Survivors

Ten optional courses are available for students to customize the curriculum to fit their career objectives. Additionally needed are a thesis and dissertation. To finish the program, students must complete either a research practicum or an applied practicum.

9. Kalamazoo, Michigan’s Western Michigan University.

PhD in behavior analysis


Website Student to Faculty Ratio: 18:1 Average Graduate Tuition: $16,360/year in-state and $30,432/year out-of-state ABAI Accredited? Yes Points: 5 Western Michigan University offers a well-rounded, ABAI accredited PhD in behavior analysis through the Department of Psychology. The program features primary specialty areas that include:

  • autism
  • developmental alterations
  • fundamental study on operants in humans and other animals
  • psychological druggology
  • Neurobehavioral behavior
  • ageing behavioriology
  • safety
  • Medical behavior

Students have access to research resources such as laboratories for studying child and adult studies as well as non-human behavior. Throughout their stay in the program, students may collaborate directly with faculty members thanks to the mentoring approach that the program uses. Financial assistance is offered. Students have the option to apply for fellowships and graduate assistantships.

8. Florida Institute of Technology, ranked eighth, is in Melbourne.

Ph.D. in behavior analysis


Student-to-Faculty Ratio on Website: 20:1 Grad school costs on average $16,128 per year. ABAI Certified? Yes, 5 points Students who wish to become: are well-served by Florida Tech University’s cutting-edge PhD in behavior analysis program.

  • researchers who study behavior
  • teachers
  • practitioners

The ABAI has approved the program. The Intensive Practical Training in Behavior Analysis and course sequence required to sit for the BCBA test have been authorized by the BACB. Courses are taught by devoted academics who are passionate about their subject. There are daytime, evening, and weekend classes available at two distinct campuses. Real-world experience is gained by students through:

  • taking part in research
  • directing educator training sessions
  • at the Scott Center for Autism Treatment, working with kids and families.

7. West Virginia University, located in Morgantown, ranks seventh.

PhD in Behavior Analysis of Psychology


Student to Faculty Ratio on Website: 21:1 Average graduate tuition is $26,154 for out-of-state students and $10,134 for in-state students. ABAI Accredited? Yes 5 points A PhD in Psychology with a behavioral analytic concentration is offered by the psychology department at West Virginia University. Students build solid foundations in

  • basic study
  • theory
  • the use of behavioral concepts

The program consists of coursework, practica, and research. The curriculum comprises the confirmed course requirements graduates need to become BCBAs. At the Intensive Autism Service Delivery Clinic, students may conduct research using:

  • Centre for Excellence in Disabilities
  • in homes
  • in neighborhood public schools

Each participant in the program receives funding, which includes a nine-month salary and a tuition waiver.

6. Utah State University, is in Logan.

PhD in behavior analysis


Website Student to Faculty Ratio: 19:1 Average Graduate Tuition: $6,184/year in-state and $21,575/year out-of-state ABAI Accredited? No Points: 5 The College of education and Human Services at Utah State University offers a high-quality PhD in behavior analysis. It’s focused on the variables influencing both human and nonhuman behavior. Students can choose from a PhD track with a specialization in behavior analysis or a PhD+BCBA track.

Students in the PhD track typically pursue careers in academic and research settings. They complete a dissertation project and take courses that align with their interests. Training emphasis is on the human and nonhuman Behavior Experimental Analysis.

The ABAI certified course sequence is successfully completed by PhD+BCBA students, who also get instruction in applied and experimental behavior analysis. Graduates work in clinical and research settings as scientist-practitioners. Students get a full scholarship for tuition as well as an assistantship with a monthly stipend.

5. Teachers College of Columbia University is located in New York.

applied behavior analysis doctorate


Website Student to Faculty Ratio: 6:1 Average Graduate Tuition: $42,432/year ABAI Accredited? Yes Points: 6 The Teachers College, Columbia University features an ABAI accredited Dr. of ABA emphasizing research-based instruction. Students will learn how to use scientific tools and instructional practices to help accelerate children’s educational progress. research possibilities include areas like effective classroom practices and observational learning. New students are admitted during the summer and fall terms. Graduates are eligible for the CABAS Advanced Board Certification as:

  • Co-Behavioral Analyst
  • Expert in Associated Behavior
  • Behavior analyst senior.

4. The Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio

PhD in educational Studies, specialty instruction


Website Student to Faculty Ratio: 19:1 Average Graduate Tuition: $11,560/year in-state and $36,276/year out-of-state ABAI Accredited? Yes Points: 6 The Ohio State University College of education and Human Ecology offers a unique PhD in educational Studies focused on specialty instruction. This ABAI accredited full-time program prepares students for leadership roles in:

  • research
  • teaching
  • service

Research projects involving close collaboration between academics and students include:

  • having trouble learning
  • hyperactive/attention-deficit disorder
  • autism

The complete cost of education for students is covered by a tuition waiver, a monthly stipend, and perks. To apply, candidates must have a master’s degree and have previous experience working with people with disabilities.

3. University of Kansas, in Lawrence, Kansas

behavioral psychology doctorate


Website Student to Faculty Ratio: 17:1 Average Graduate Tuition: $9,989/year in-state and $23,951/year out-of-state ABAI Accredited? Yes Points: 7 The University Kansas Department of applied behavioral Science offers a behavioral psychology doctorate that strives to train students as highly competent researchers in behavior analysis. The program follows a junior-colleague model. It allows students to work with their advisors in every aspect of professional development.

With the help of their adviser, students will use this model to plan and carry out research as well as create papers for publication and presentation. The Verified Course Sequence that candidates for the BCBA test must complete is part of the curriculum. With a master’s degree, students may finish their PhD in around four years.

2. The University of Nevada in Reno, Nevada

Ph.D. in behavior analysis


Student-to-Faculty Ratio on Website: 17:1 Average graduate tuition is $5,657 for in-state students and $21,310 for out-of-state students. ABAI Accredited? Yes 7 points The PhD in Behavior Analysis program at the University of Nevada, Reno’s Department of Psychology offers students thorough instruction and is ABAI accredited. A junior-colleague approach, which incorporates supervised experience and training in fields including fundamental and applied research, is used in the curriculum.

The curriculum aims to maintain a balance between fundamental, practical, and theoretical instruction. The BCBA Approved Course Sequence required to take the BCBA test is part of the 89-credit curriculum. Graduating students are ready to:

  • teach
  • make inquiries
  • do consulting work.

1. Munroe-Meyer Institute at University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska

Doctoral Program in Applied Behavior Analysis at MSIA


Website Student to Faculty Ratio: 2:1 Average Graduate Tuition: $9,207/year in-state and $26,379/year out-of-state ABAI Accredited? Yes Points: 8 Our top choice for a applied behavior analysis doctorate is offered by the University of Nebraska Medical Center Munroe-Meyer Institute. This ABAI accredited program focuses on ABA for:

  • children
  • adolescents
  • families

Students may choose to focus on things like:

  • autism
  • pediatric behavior
  • extreme behavioral problems

They use a cutting-edge training methodology that combines clinical practice, supervised research, and didactic education. Students may now instantly apply the theories and ideas they learned in class. When accepted into this three-year program, students receive:

  • a salary
  • free medical services
  • 100% tuition reimbursement

The “phd behavior analysis” is a PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis that focuses on the development of interventions to help people with autism. The top 15 programs are ranked by US News and World Report.

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