The Top Programs & Courses for RBT Training in 2022

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Researchers have found that RBT training can improve the communication skills of children with autism, helping them to develop social relationships and better self-awareness. What are the top programs for this type of training in 2022?

The “top colleges in the world” is a blog that provides information on the top programs and courses for RBT training. The blog also includes a list of the best colleges to attend for RBT training.


A certification as a registered behavior technician (RBT) may be the perfect choice for you if you love working in the area of behavior analysis and want to further your career. Before appearing for the national certification test, you must first finish a 40-hour training program.

Throughout the nation, credible institutions provide RBT training courses. You may be able to get training in your present job, or you could want to enroll in a formal course. Board-certified Training Programs for RBT are available both online and in person via community groups and educational institutions.

Both online and in-person classes have advantages and disadvantages, so you may choose the curriculum that best suits your requirements. Always ensure that a program has been approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board to satisfy the standards for becoming an RBT before choosing one.

Requirements for a Registered Behavior Technician

A paraprofessional who has completed formal training and passed a national certification test is known as a registered behavior technician (RBT). RBTs perform behavior analysis services, particularly to persons with autism spectrum disorder, under the strict supervision of board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) (ASD).

To become a certified RBT, the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) has established a number of prerequisites. You must fulfill qualifying conditions before applying to become an RBT. You must do the following:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • A high school diploma is required.
  • A background check must be passed.
  • Completing a 40-hour training course is required.
  • Complete a preliminary competence evaluation.

Once you’ve completed the aforementioned prerequisites, you may apply to the BACB for permission to take the RBT test. You may take the national certification test once you’ve been approved.

After completing the RBT test, you must maintain your certification by being supervised on a regular basis, following to the BACB ethical code, and renewing your certification every year.

Training Programs for RBT

The 40-hour RBT course is intended to provide learners with the knowledge and abilities they need to be successful behavior analysts. Completing an RBT program may help you get the information and skills you need to provide safe and effective behavior analysis services.

One of the most important criteria for becoming an RBT is to complete an RBT training program. The BACB does not provide training courses; nevertheless, courses are available via a variety of sources, including:

It is critical that the 40-hour RBT training you take is intended to fulfill BACB criteria, regardless of where you finish it. To verify that you completed the 40-hour training requirement, you must send a copy of your 40-hour training certificate with your RBT certification application.

Looking for an RBT Program

Whether you currently work for a behavior analysis company, start your search for a training program by asking your boss if there are any in-house training options. Employee training seminars are used by many companies to support professional growth.

There are several online and in-person training programs available if your business does not provide a program that fits the criteria for the 40-hour RBT training course. Following is a list of recognized training programs:

  • The University of Texas in San Antonio offers a $349 five-week in-person course. To satisfy the RBT training standards, a combination of face-to-face teaching and online assignments is used.
  • The University of Nebraska offers both in-person and online instruction. Students can fit training around their job schedules thanks to different start times throughout the year. It will set you back about $300.
  • University of Oklahoma: The university offers a totally online RBT training program that includes 48 hours of instruction and continuing supervision by a BCBA. The program must be completed in less than 180 days and must include a competence evaluation. The curriculum may be completed as part of a bachelor’s degree program or as a stand-alone eight-week RBT course.
  • University of West Florida: An online RBT training course is available to degree and non-degree students and enables students to attend courses while working in the area of behavior analysis. The 40-hour training course satisfies all of the prerequisites for students to take the RBT test.
  • University of South Florida: There are 12 modules in this online course, each having a brief test at the conclusion. The course costs $200 per individual, and it must be completed within 180 days after enrolling.
  • University of Kansas: The University of Kansas, one of the country’s best behavior analysis institutions, provides a completely online RBT training course. It’s a self-paced course that costs $149 and prepares students to take the RBT test.
  • Meredith College provides an opportunity to acquire the RBT certification to students who complete the Meredith Autism Program. To meet the RBT training requirement, you must complete a certain course sequence.
  • Florida Institute of Technology: Interactive video lectures are used in this totally online, self-paced training course. Students get instant access to the course after registering, and they have 180 days to finish it. The course will set you back $149.

In-Person vs. Online Programs

Whether you finish an online or in-person training program is based on your individual requirements and objectives. Both types of training delivery have advantages and disadvantages, but they may both be effective ways to acquire the fundamental knowledge you need to become an RBT.

Online programs usually provide you greater flexibility in terms of when you may finish your study. Many online programs are self-paced, meaning you just have to finish your work within a certain amount of time. This option may be suitable if you work, have other studies, or have family commitments.

Because there are no face-to-face contacts with professors, online programs are often less expensive than in-person ones. You may be able to communicate through email, but the most of your learning will be done alone.

In-person programs are more costly, but they provide vital experience from qualified practitioners who teach each session. Students in in-person programs must adhere to more rigorous timetables, but they are frequently more focused on getting through the courses and achieving their training objectives on time.

The RBT training may be completed via both online and in-person sessions. It’s ultimately up to you to choose which atmosphere is most conducive to your learning. An in-person training will likely work best for you if you struggle with motivation and time management. An online course may be preferable if you like to study at your own speed and want to save money on tuition.

You will get a certificate of completion at the conclusion of any sort of training program you choose, allowing you to sit for the national RBT test. You should be ready for RBT certification if you finish a course that has been certified by the BACB and satisfies RBT training course standards.

RBT Training’s Importance

RBT training courses are intended to help persons who want to become licensed behavior technologists advance their careers, but they may also help anybody who wants to learn more about the discipline of behavior analysis. Developing abilities in the subject of behavior analysis may help anybody dealing with children with autism.

RBT training courses provide opportunity for paraprofessionals, teachers, and parents to gain more effective techniques for fostering positive behavior development in their students, children, and clients since they are reasonably affordable and brief. Professionals in related disciplines, such as psychologists, counselors, nurses, and occupational therapists, commonly add the RBT certification to their resumes to improve their effectiveness as practitioners.


The “u.s. news college rankings 2022” is a list of the top programs and courses for RBT training in 2022.

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