The Best Schools for Learning ABA Therapy (2022)

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As understanding of autism has increased, so have the demands for people with ASD to find a way to educate themselves about their condition. This is leading more parents and professionals interested in ABA therapy programs. Schools are now opening up these classes as well.

The “top applied behavior analysis graduate programs” is a list of the best schools for learning ABA therapy. The schools are ranked by their average tuition and number of graduates.


It’s important to select a school that meets your requirements if you want to work as an ABA therapist. Your degree or certificate must be accredited by the institution in order for it to be recognized throughout the United States.

It’s also crucial that the institution is certified for the board certification test by the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) or has a coursework program that the ABAI would accept as suitable. The ABAI includes a number of colleges that provide a variety of authorized, validated degree programs.

Here are some certified ABA treatment schools that have good student results and are well-liked by alumni.

In 2022, the Best ABA Therapy Schools

  • Simmons University: This private university provides a Master of Behavior Analysis, a Master of Science, or an Education Specialist (EdS) degree, all of which are partly online. These higher degrees, like continuing education programs, may be completed online or in evening classes, enabling students from many areas of life to get the degree they want.
  • Unlike continuing education classes, this is a master’s degree that may be finished in as short as 23 months, allowing you to work as a clinical practitioner and serve individuals on the autism spectrum right away.
  • Western Connecticut State University: With a student-to-teacher ratio of 13:1, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to engage with your instructors and teachers. A Master of Science in ABA may be completed entirely or partly online, giving students who wish to attend WCSU but do not live in Connecticut more flexibility.
  • The program needs a total of 30 program hours. It covers behavior assessment and behavior-changing techniques such as the use of reinforcers, as well as other crucial skills such as grant writing for NGOs and clinical practices. You will gain a broad variety of skills vital to the business of being an ABA therapist in addition to learning how to perform ABA treatment.
  • While many institutions and colleges provide ABA treatment continuing education, graduate degrees, or validated course tracks, the University of South Florida provides unique views on ABA specialities such as Ethics in ABA, ABA in Developmental Disabilities, and ABA in Complex Communities.
  • These classes are each eight weeks long. After completing the master’s program, they provide both the academics and practical experience needed to sit for the board certification test.
  • The Chicago School of Professional Psychology: Chicago is one of the country’s most populated and busiest cities, and many of the institutions inside its borders are highly regarded and produce notable graduates. There is no exception when it comes to the Chicago School. Their School of Professional Psychology offers outstanding education and clinical training to educators and clinicians.
  • The student-to-teacher ratio in the online master’s program is 6:1, which means you’ll receive personal responses and time with your lecturers fast and often. The master’s program lasts 28 months and covers topics such as Human Behavior Science, Measurement Design and Behavior Analysis, and Behavior Assessment.
  • The School of Behavior Analysis at Florida Institute of Technology provides both doctorate and master’s programs in ABA treatment. These courses are available both online and on campus.
  • Essential lessons on ethical and legal issues for behavior analysis, corporate behavioral management, functional assessment, and even radical behavior analysis are included in the BACB-accredited program’s coursework.
  • The University of Washington provides a diverse selection of highly ranked continuing education, graduate certifications, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs.
  • Their Master of Education (MEd) program offers both on-campus and online alternatives, making it ideal for those who work full-time yet wish to pursue higher education part-time or at their own pace. This education may be completed in two years or less, and you’ll be ready to take the board certification test when you’re through.
  • Purdue University is well-known for its online educational programs, which have generated a number of well-known and skilled alumni in a variety of professions. Lifespan development, measurement and evaluation, advanced research methodologies, and testing are among topics covered in Purdue’s curriculum. Their ABA-focused Master of Science in Educational Studies is totally online.
  • Queens College, part of the City University of New York, is located in the heart of New York City, one of the world’s most populous cities. The Queens College Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities Evidence-Based Services offers hands-on, in-person training that provides crucial experience working with people on the autism spectrum, and universities and colleges in this megacity provide in-depth education across many demographic groups.
  • You will graduate with a strong understanding of clinical or classroom methods that will benefit your clients. Further study in ABA therapy is available to those pursuing a master’s degree or who already have a relevant master’s degree.

Locate the Most Appropriate ABA Therapy Program for You

As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, most colleges have resorted to some kind of online education, and many master’s, bachelor’s, and graduate certificate programs now feature a majority of online courses. You may want to seek for institutions that have taught ABA programs online in the past, so you know they can give a high-quality education and relevant technology skills.

Many colleges will provide in-person instruction and hands-on experience with prospective consumers if you are searching for schools in the next year or two. This allows you to meet with professors, advisers, or faculty members in person.

You should also consider the cost of the programs and how they compare to your previous education. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, for example, you will most likely be eligible for a master’s degree if you take certain standardized exams, such as the GMAT, or fulfill the work experience and GPA criteria from your prior degree.

If you have a lot of experience in therapy or education but don’t have the right degree, a certificate, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree would be a better place to start. Many of these degrees are available part-time, either online or at night, allowing you to finish your education at your own speed while working to support yourself.

The price of these programs varies. Because some institutions do not accept student loans or give scholarships, you may have to pay for the program yourself.

You should also think about how you’ll use this degree in the future. If you don’t mind being in charge and want to interact with clients directly, an ABA assistant degree may be right for you. You’ll need a master’s degree, if not a PhD, if you want to manage your own practice, do research, or educate others.


Programs that have been accredited. The Accreditation Board of the ABAI.

Behavior analysis is the study of how people behave. Simmons University is a private university in Boston, Massachusetts.

WCSU’s Applied Behavior Analysis program.

USF offers an online MA in ABA.

An online master’s degree in applied behavior analysis is available. TheChicagoSchool.

The Behavior Analysis School is a school dedicated to the study of behavior. Florida Tech is a university in the state of Florida.

ABD stands for Applied Behavior Analysis (MEd). Education.UW.edu.

Purdue University’s homepage.

ABA.QC.CUNY is the website for Queens College’s Applied Behavior Analysis program.

The “accredited aba masters programs” is a website that has information about the best schools for learning ABA therapy. The website also provides information on how to become an accredited program.

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