The Best BCBA Programs of 2022 (Online & In-Person)

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The future of autism treatment is complex and changing. By 2022, it’s predicted that 60% of children with ASD will be treated at home via a technology-based therapy like ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). As such, the demand for BCBAs has increased dramatically throughout in recent years.

The “bcba programs online” is a list of the best BCBA programs of 2022. The list includes both in-person and online options, so it’s easy to find the program that fits your needs.

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The finest BCBA schools prepare students to work as independent behavior analyzers and take the BCBA test. You must finish a recognized graduate degree that includes mandatory behavior-analytic curriculum in order to take the test.

Graduate degrees in behavioral analysis, education, or psychology are available in BCBA programs that prepare individuals to take the test. BCBA Programs with a Good Track Record teach proven material, include optional practicums, and may be done in person, online, or in a combination of settings.

In 2021, you’ll have a lot of possibilities for this sort of schooling.

Careers for BCBAs

Behavior analysis jobs may be both gratifying and demanding, and they can lead to a personally and professionally satisfying career.

To begin your job, you must first get certification as a behavior analyst. BCBAs are behavior analysts who have earned a master’s degree and the highest level of national certification available in the discipline.

Before you may get certified, you must finish a validated graduate degree that includes behavior analysis courses. It’s critical to enroll in a BCBA program that satisfies all of the educational criteria for BCBA certification so that you may sit for the national test and become certified.

Program Requirements for BCBAs

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) is a national organization that issues certificates to behavior analysts. To become a BCBA, you must complete the following steps:

A graduate degree, either a master’s or a doctorate degree, from a recognized university is required. Additionally, you must have completed appropriate behavior analysis curriculum during your graduate degree.

Qualifying institutions, according to the BACB, are:

Whether you’re not sure if your graduate degree qualifies you for certification, you may ask for a preliminary coursework review to see if your coursework matches all or some of the degree criteria. You may need to take additional authorized courses if it only satisfies part of the criteria.

BCBA degrees that are acceptable

The BACB has given appropriate degree definitions to assist you in identifying a BCBA program that satisfies the eligibility standards for certification. The majority of BCBA-related degrees are in behavior analysis, education, or psychology. The following definitions must be met by degrees in these fields:

  • The phrases education or educational must appear in the title of the degree or program. If your education degree does not fit this criterion, you must produce proof demonstrating that your coursework was focused on education and that your degree was given by an education department.
  • The phrases psychology or psychological must appear in the title of the degree or program. If not, you must provide proof demonstrating that your curriculum was focused on psychology and that your degree was awarded by a psychology department.

Degrees that do not fall into one of the three categories above may be authorized for BCBA eligibility. Graduate degrees in counseling and other mental health fields are often recognized, but they must adhere to the same degree criteria.

BCBA Programs with a Good Track Record

BACB-certified master’s degrees in behavior analysis are available at colleges and institutions around the nation. Many colleges and universities provide both on-campus and online learning opportunities. The majority of programs may be finished in two years or less, and some can be completed in as little as 18 months.

Here are some examples of BACB-certified on-campus graduate programs:

  • Earn a Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) at Drexel University, with the option of continuing on to a PhD degree in ABA, School and Clinical Psychology, or Experimental Psychology. There are options for on-campus, online, and hybrid learning.
  • A Master’s in Behavior Analysis is available via evening classes and certain online courses at Simmons University. The course series satisfies the BCBA’s standards for eligibility.
  • Michigan State University’s Master’s in ABA program equips students to work as highly skilled behavior analysts in educational settings. The curriculum follows BCBA guidelines and prepares students for the certification test.
  • The University of Massachusetts offers an on-campus Master’s in Psychology with an emphasis on ABA. The coursework fulfills BCBA qualifying standards and may be completed in seven semesters.
  • University of Michigan: The university offers a Master’s in ABA program that prepares students to work as independent ABA practitioners and take the BCBA test. In ABA, there are degree and certificate programs available.
  • Central Washington University: Central Washington University offers one of the most inexpensive graduate ABA programs in the country, preparing students to become BCBAs and work with a wide range of populations.

Online Courses

In today’s age of online and distance learning, there is a large selection of online BCBA programs. Online Courses offer a great option for students who want to earn a degree but need the flexibility of distance learning.

The following is a list of reputable online BCBA programs:

  • Northeastern University offers a part-time, entirely online Master’s in ABA degree that may be completed in 18 to 24 months. Students who want to earn supervised experience hours toward their BCBA certification may participate in a two-semester practicum.
  • Florida Institute of Technology: Florida Tech provides a BACB-accredited online Master’s in ABA. There are alternatives for both on-campus and online schooling. Students interested in continuing their studies in behavior analysis beyond the master’s level have the option of pursuing a PhD.
  • California University of Pennsylvania offers an online Master’s in Education with an emphasis in ABA. Full-time students may finish the program in four semesters, with some flexibility.
  • Regis College offers a 20-month Master’s in ABA that may be done totally online. The BACB-certified coursework prepares students to take the BCBA test.
  • Monmouth University offers a Master’s in Education with an ABA degree that combines the core Autism Track Master’s in Education with an ABA credential. Students acquire the ABA certificate, which qualifies them to take the BCBA test, by completing a six-course online sequence.
  • A Master’s in Education with a concentration on ABA and an optional practicum is provided by Pennsylvania State University. This curriculum, which is BACB-accredited and available online, prepares students to take the BCBA test.

What to Be Aware Of

When looking for a BCBA program, pay attention to the degree program’s accreditation. While there are several behavior analysis programs available, not all of them are certified by the BACB. Some programs educate students about behavior analysis but do not satisfy the course requirements for taking the BCBA test.

If you want to become a board certified behavior analyst, you’ll need to finish BACB-approved curriculum, either in person or online. Before enrolling in a program, double-check that it complies with the BACB program standards.

Choosing the Correct Program

Your personal circumstances and professional aspirations will determine which curriculum is best for you. Some students prefer on-campus studying because of the in-person connections, while others prefer working alone online and at their own speed.

Many Online Courses meet eligibility requirements for students to take the BCBA exam, but you may have to do extra research on securing a practicum placement for yourself, which is required for certification. Costs of in-person versus online learning also vary due to the level of services being provided. Generally, online learning is more affordable than in-person programs.

In 2021, a broad range of BCBA programs will be accessible throughout the nation. You may choose the best BCBA program for you by evaluating your personal, educational, and professional objectives and prerequisites.


The “best online aba master’s programs” is a list of the best BCBA programs that are available to students in 2020. The list includes both online and in-person programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Capella Bcba program accredited?

A: Yes, Capella is accredited and thus can offer a high school diploma.

How fast can I become a Bcba?

A: I estimate that it would take about 5 years to become a Bcba.

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