The Best Apps to Use in Conjunction With ABA Therapy

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There are many apps that can help autistic children and adults with their daily lives. These include apps to track progress, identify triggers, create reminders and more. When choosing an app it is important to consider what your needs are as well as the type of person you’re looking for in a solution.

The “applied behavior analysis app” is a tool that can be used in conjunction with ABA therapy. This app helps to track and analyze the behaviors of children who are struggling with autism.


Increasingly, mobile applications for smartphones and tablets claim to provide therapeutic advantages for children with autism, but which ones are the best?

This collection of four applications will get you started. These applications may be used in tandem with ABA treatment. Your child’s ABA therapist could also have some recommendations for the finest applications to use with him or her.

Autism Treatment with ABA

There is no cure for autism since it is a developmental illness. There are, however, a variety of therapeutic options available, including behavior therapy and related treatments such as speech therapy and occupational therapy. Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the most widely used kind of behavior therapy, and it employs evidence-based methods to develop a treatment plan.

ABA is a research-based method of behavior treatment for a variety of behavioral and developmental disorders, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Once your kid starts ABA treatment, you’ll want to make sure they start using these skills outside of their therapy sessions.

Your kid’s treatment plan will be broken down into quantifiable stages by an ABA therapist, who will utilize each session to help your child develop social, linguistic, and cognitive abilities. They’ll set bigger objectives for your youngster and then break them down into smaller, more manageable ones. You’ll be a part of every step of the way.

Mobile Apps & ABA Therapy: Support for Your Child

Children on the autism spectrum frequently struggle to transfer skills learned in ABA treatment sessions to other aspects of their life, such as daily tasks at school or at home. Finding methods to integrate ABA treatment into daily life might help the kid have a better grasp of these abilities, allowing him or her to grow into a healthier, more self-reliant adult.

Parents often collaborate with ABA therapists, which means they may get advice on how to manage time at home to improve socialization and communication. Digital assistance solutions are becoming more vital as high-quality technology such as smartphones and computers become more widely available.

Several smartphone applications promise to help children with autism, but connecting them to your child’s ABA treatment sessions might be difficult. You may absolutely inquire about choices with your ABA therapist, and every parent should do so. Your kid’s ABA therapist understands what your child is working on and which apps will help them learn more effectively.

This list of the best four applications that include child psychology and ABA treatment approaches might help you get started. It may also serve as a jumping off point for a conversation with your child’s ABA therapist.

The 4 Most Effective Apps to Use With ABA Therapy

1. Otsimo: Based on ABA treatment, this is one of the most popular applications for children with autism. Otsimo was created with the help of child psychologists, and it includes entertaining, stimulating activities that reinforce the skills that children acquire throughout their ABA treatment sessions.

Many children with autism have attention deficit disorders, which may make it difficult for them to participate in traditional classroom or treatment sessions. Your child’s behavioral training may be continued outside of the therapist’s office or the individual session at your house with the aid of this app.

The app has 13 “areas” with 80 distinct tales and activities that cover a variety of key abilities that children with autism strive to master. Vocabulary, everyday duties, numbers and arithmetic, and other fields are examples.

While many clinician-designed and doctor-recommended applications are paid, Otsimo is free to download. It is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

2. Social Detective: While not as participatory as many game-based applications, Social Detective provides entertaining and instructional movies on social situations. This series may assist children aged 6 and above, whether or not they are on the autistic spectrum. You Are a Social Detective, a famous children’s book, is the inspiration for this film.

The videos are brief, lasting no more than 30 seconds, and they depict both anticipated and surprising behaviour in a variety of social contexts. The videos enable children to make educated estimates about what will happen next, allowing them to better grasp how people respond in various situations. Waiting in line, taking turns, dining in a busy cafeteria, and entering a classroom are examples of scenarios. Emotions are identified, and the language is simple to understand.

The software is free to download since it is intended for educational purposes. The cost is $17.99, and it’s only available for Apple devices for now.

ABA treatment activities such as how to behave in social settings, communicate needs, and develop patience with others may be aided by Social Detective.

3. Brili Routines: Although this is primarily a schedule software, the interaction can make it seem like a game while teaching children with autism vital skills about time management and task completion.

Visual timetables provide detailed preparation as well as the flexibility to reschedule and alter scheduling as required. When something changes, many children with autism experience anxiety or overwhelming feelings. Brili demonstrates how they may create a regular routine that allows them to plan out most of their day while still allowing for flexibility. Users may update their schedule by adjusting for new or unclear events with a few screen taps.

This software is also available to parents and instructors, who may use it to create timetables or make changes as required. This software may be used by ABA therapists to work with children on emotional control and planning ahead, two areas where children with autism suffer outside of treatment sessions.

The software is intended for children aged 2 and above, as well as their carers. It’s available for both Android and Apple devices, and it’s free to download.

4. AutismTrack: This software is for parents and other carers of autistic children. This application allows you to keep track of your symptoms, behavioral changes, and treatments, such as therapy, food and nutrition, medication, and more.

Sliders for each day might help you keep track of when certain symptoms, such as repeated behaviors, tantrums, or social isolation, improve or deteriorate. There are several reporting options so you may share information with other caregivers in your child’s life, such as teachers or therapists. This is particularly useful for parents who are working with ABA therapists since it allows them to report on how behavioral treatments are functioning at home. Objective data may indicate your ABA therapist whether or not your kid is progressing and whether or not a section of the treatment plan needs to be altered.

AutismTrack is now only available for Apple iPhones and iPads. It is available for download for $9.99.

For further information, contact your child’s ABA therapist.

These applications may help your child’s ABA treatment sessions go more smoothly, but they are not a substitute for behavior therapy. Working with an ABA therapist guarantees that your kid gets individualized attention as well as a treatment plan that may be modified as required. These applications, like many other technologies, aid in the learning and growing process, but they cannot replace conventional therapy.

Your ABA therapist may have more app suggestions that complement their unique treatment method. Inquire about what they believe will be the most beneficial for your kid.


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The “free apps for autism” is a list of the best apps to use in conjunction with ABA therapy. The list includes games, educational apps, and more.

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