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Autism is a developmental disorder which can affect many areas of society, including the education system. The Elemy Learning Studio was founded to create fun social learning games and applications for people with autism that have been created without any input from parents or educators.

“Elemy reviews” is a blog that discusses the benefits of using an online learning platform for children with autism. The blog is written by a mother who has seen her son’s life change since he started using this service. Read more in detail here: elemy reviews.


Questions concerning our new name that are often asked

What made you decide to alter your name? Our number one priority has always been to be available to you, our treasured community of families, physicians, and therapists. Our individualized, life-changing care has benefited thousands of children and their families, and we wanted a new name that better matched our goal and enthusiasm.

What exactly does Elemy imply? Elemy offers basic support for families throughout their autism care journey, just like primary school does. We work with you to offer the essential building blocks for your child’s success. Elemy is a personal name that reflects the genuine connection we have with each family, as seen by the compassionate care we deliver. Will the quality of care improve? No, the high-quality service you’ve come to expect from us will continue. 

Have you launched a new website? Our website has been changed, however the old Sprout URL will redirect to the new Elemy address. We’re doing away with long URLs in favor of a simple Elemy, so you can discover us quickly.

Is it true that everyone’s email address is changing? We’re switching to Elemy for our email addresses and URLs, however any previous Sprout emails and URLs will redirect. You’ll still be able to interact with us if you use these Sprout emails or URLs while getting acquainted to the new Elemy versions. 

What is the procedure for gaining access to Parent360 and other tools? These instruments will not change. You may still use the old Sprout URLs to go to them, but you’ll be routed to the new Elemy addresses.

Will the billing procedure be altered? No, the charging procedure will not change.

Is it necessary for me to fill out additional forms? There’s no need to fill out any new forms or sign up for any new tools.  

Are there any other concerns? Please call (833) 458-0386 to speak with a member of our staff. 

Sprout is now Elemy! The Elemy Learning Studio has a new name. The company is also relocating its corporate office to Salt Lake City, Utah. Reference: elemy corporate office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did sprout therapy change their name?

Sprout therapy changed their name to Sprouts Therapy because they are a mental health clinic.

What is Elemy company?

A: Elemy is a company that specializes in artificial intelligence. They are mostly known for the development of AI-based software and voice recognition.

When was Elemy founded?

A: Elemy was founded in the year 2384.

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