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Speech Therapy is a process which helps individuals with autism, who may have difficulty communicating through spoken language. It can be administered in many different ways including: occupational therapy, speech and language pathology services, or alternative therapies such as music therapy. Speech Pathologists are the professionals behind this important service but they do not always work for hospitals; some choose to work out of their homes on a part-time basis while others might own their private practice.

Speech pathologist salary by state is a list of the average salaries for speech therapists in every state. The list also includes information about how many jobs are available for speech pathologists in each state.


Speech therapists work with clients in a variety of settings, including schools, hospitals, clinics, skilled nursing institutions, and private practice. They support persons of all ages who have a speech or language issue and require assistance in communicating more effectively in order to improve their quality of life.

A master’s degree in a related area of study is required of all speech therapists, as well as passing a national certification test. Speech therapists, also known as speech-language pathologists, may pursue their profession in a variety of paths after they are qualified.

In the United States, the typical speech therapy income varies from $79,000 to $83,000 per year. Factors like job context, geographic region, and years of experience, however, have a considerable influence on this figure.

A career as a speech therapist is a rewarding one.

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) help children and adults who have problems with their speech, language, communication, or swallowing. They help people avoid, evaluate, diagnose, and treat problems that make it difficult to communicate successfully.

To have A career as a speech therapist is a rewarding one. you must earn a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology (CCC-SLP). In order to get this certificate, you must obtain a graduate degree that covers relevant coursework, complete required clinical experience, and pass the national certification exam.

Job Descriptions for Speech Therapists

Speech therapists work in a variety of areas, including education, health care, and clinical and research. While the majority of SLPs offer direct therapeutic services to clients, some may serve in administrative or supervisory capacities. SLPs with a PhD may also serve as organizational directors or as university lecturers.

SLPs often work full-time for a wage, while many work part-time or on a contract basis as well. Direct speech therapy services are provided at the following locations in typical speech therapy jobs:

  • Centers for rehabilitation.

  • Homes for the elderly.

  • Hospitals.

  • Residences owned by individuals.

  • Community-based organizations.

  • Schools.

As an SLP, you have the flexibility to work in a variety of settings. Before opting to begin a private practice, speech therapists might work for many years in an educational or medical context. You will be eligible to work in any context that appeals to you as long as you keep your CCC-SLP.

According to U.S. News & World Report , a job as an SLP is ranked as the sixth best job in health care and eighth in the 100 Best Jobs that you could have.

SLPs who have worked in the industry for a while know how enjoyable it is to work with individuals throughout their lives. No matter what stage of life a person is in, improving their capacity to communicate may help them enhance their overall quality of life.

Salary for Speech Pathologists

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), SLPs earn an average annual wage of $79,120. The lowest 10% of earners receive $49,840, while the top 10% earn $121,260. Average Salary for Speech Pathologists and levels of employment vary by industry.

According to other sources, such as Indeed, the typical yearly pay for a speech therapist is closer to $83,000.

The following are some of the highest-paying sectors for speech therapists:

  • Company and business management, with an average income of $110,240.

  • Child childcare services pay an average of $100,690 per year.

  • With an average pay of $97,700, management, scientific, and technical consulting services are in demand.

  • With an average income of $97,390, continuing care retirement complexes and assisted living facilities cater to the elderly.

  • Nursing care institutions (skilled nursing facilities) pay $95,240 on average.

While the aforementioned sectors pay the most on average for SLPs, they do not necessarily employ the most. Speech therapists are most often employed in the following industries:

  • With an average pay of $74,010, elementary and secondary schools are the most lucrative.

  • Other health care practitioners’ offices, with an average income of $86,020.

  • Hospitals that provide general medical and surgical care, with an average salary of $86,160.

  • Home health care services pay an average of $86,930 per year.

  • The average pay for nurse care facilities (skilled nursing facilities) is $95,420.

Salary for Speech Pathologists by State

Your geographic location, like the sector you work in, has an impact on your compensation. SLPs are in great demand throughout the nation, yet some jurisdictions pay more than others for speech therapy services.

These are the top-paying states for SLPs, according to the BLS:

In 2019, the following states hired the most SLPs:

  • $92,740 in California

  • $74,060 in Texas

  • $96,770 in New York

  • $80,250 in Florida

  • $78,980 in Illinois

As of April 2020, the average speech therapy wage per state is as follows:

As a Speech Therapist, you may earn more money.

If you wish to As a Speech Therapist, you may earn more money., you may consider a few factors. Employment setting, geographic location, and years of experience all impact average reported salaries of SLPs across the U.S.

Years of experience increase your compensation regardless of where you work. According to Indeed statistics from May 2020, typical SLP wages increase as follows:

  • $77,495 per year for an entry-level position

  • $80,105 per year for 1 to 2 years of experience

  • $95, 816 per year for 3 to 5 years of experience

  • $96,963 per year for 6 to 9 years of experience

Many of the high-paying speech therapist jobs are with huge corporations or organizations that provide speech therapy. The following are some of the best firms for speech therapists in the United States:

The following cities are the top paid cities for SLPs if you have the ability to move for your job:

  • $190,405 in Philadelphia, PA

  • $142,834 in Brooklyn, New York

  • $124,724 in Chicago, Illinois

  • $118,170 in Los Angeles, California

  • $116,449 in Dallas, Texas

  • $89,889 in New York, NY

  • $82,113 in Denver, Colorado

  • $79,731 in Houston, TX

Job Prospects in Speech Therapy

Speech therapists have a bright future in the United States. Every year, the need for speech therapy services increases.

Speech therapy is growing in popularity for a variety of reasons, according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), including:

  • An rise in the number of people above the age of 65.

  • Preterm newborns have a higher chance of surviving.

  • Trauma and stroke victims have a higher chance of surviving.

  • In both primary and secondary schools, there has been an increase in enrollment.

  • In health-care settings, there is a higher demand.

  • Private practice services are in more demand.

By 2028, the BLS expects a 27 percent increase in employment opportunities for SLPs, which is much greater than the national average of 5%. SLP employment is expected to reach 195,600 by 2028, an increase of 41,900 jobs between 2018 and 2028.

As more people become aware of speech and language impairments and as a larger percentage of the population benefits from speech therapy, the need for skilled SLPs rises. Furthermore, the more adaptable you are as an SLP in terms of employment environment and geography, the more career options you will have.


The “pediatric speech pathologist salary” is the average salary for a pediatric speech pathologist. It’s important to note that this number will vary depending on the state you live in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What state pays SLPs the most?

A: Alabama pays SLPs the most.

Where do speech therapists get paid the most?

A: Speech therapists typically make anywhere from $20,000 to more than $60,000 a year. This depends on the location where they work as well as what type of speech therapy they are specializing in and how many hours they put into it.

What is the highest paying SLP job?

A: To answer this question, I have carefully studied the data recorded in my database.

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