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The job market for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is growing, but not everyone with ASD can find a job that helps them make money. In response to this, the National Autism Foundation created an alternative way of supporting people who have ASDs and allow them to work from home: The Registered Behavior Technician With its focus on providing jobs in the community instead of within corporations, it uses blockchain technology as a digital ledger system to keep track of hours worked and wages earned.

The “registered behavior technician salary” is a job that has been around for many years. The job of an RBT is to teach individuals with autism how to behave in public settings, such as restaurants and grocery stores.

A Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) is what, exactly? 

One of the certificates given by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board is Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). For paraprofessionals who carry out interventions to encourage socially acceptable behaviour, the RBT certificate was created. On order to assist people with developmental disabilities, RBTs are instructed in the fundamentals of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Their work must be overseen by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) (BCBA). RBTs implement the specified behavioral interventions in clients’ homes or schools rather than creating and evaluating program designs. They support behavior analysts by

  • implementing behavior modification
  • development of social skills
  • making notes for a session
  • gathering statistics on progress
  • teaching the caretakers of clients

RBTs adhere to the BCBA’s therapy guidelines for successfully rewarding good behavior for clients’ skill development.

Jobs Performed by Licensed Behavior Technicians

Practically everyone who works with people who have special needs, whether they are children or adults, may benefit from working as a Registered Behavior Tech under a BCBA’s supervision. ABA programs are typically linked to autism spectrum disorder, however similar behavioral strategies work well for a variety of disorders, including:

  • Dwarf Syndrome
  • a cyptic palsy
  • emotional problems

Even the treatment of gambling and drug addictions has been modified using ABA, according to the National Autism Network. ABA was founded in the 1970s by Ivar Lovaas and Robert Koegel, and it boasts a 90% success rate! Many companies that deal with clients exhibiting troublesome behaviors want the RBT certificate. Parents and guardians of children with developmental disabilities may also benefit from it.

Educational Environments


In Educational Environments, RBTs could function as:

  • instructors in general or special education
  • childcare executives
  • reading professionals
  • educational psychologists
  • experts in speech-language pathology

Family Homes


These paraprofessionals will work with ABA therapists to coordinate the delivery of behavior analysis services for youth from birth to age 21. Some RBTs are employed in residential Family Homes as:

  • direct assistance specialists
  • nurses
  • manager of cases
  • administrators

Medical Facilities


Medical Facilities might also prefer hiring professionals with their RBT certification including:

  • therapeutic social workers
  • children’s nurses
  • emergency medical services personnel
  • home health aides
  • counselors for mental health
  • psychiatric assistants

Your ability to support the applied behavior analysis plan in various circumstances with good judgment is validated by joining the RBT Registry.

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Potential Salary for RBTs

Registered Behavior Technicians report making an average of $30,927 per year, or $15.68 per hour, according to PayScale. With incentives, the average annual salary for RBTs varies from $24,624 to $45,155. RBTs at the entry level earn far less than behavior analysts, who earn an average of $60,175 annually.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that RBTs may perform a variety of paraprofessional tasks. RBTs that are employed primarily as school nurses earn an annual median salary of $47,804. However, occupational therapists and speech therapists earn an average of $83,730 and $78,210, respectively. Even some hospital directors, who make an average of $109,370 annually, are included on the RBT Registry.

Hiring Outlook for Registered Behavior Technician


According to reports from Burning Glass Technologies, there were 1,414 opportunities in applied behavior analysis in 2012 and 3,083 jobs in 2014. The following industries employ the most BCBAs:

  • California
  • Massachusetts
  • Jersey, New

RBTs may be used in several industries that are expanding more quickly than normal. By 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be 697,000 new job vacancies in the education sector, an increase of 8%. Nearly 2.4 million new job advertisements for health care roles will increase by 19% over the same period. Through 2024, RBTs in the social support industry, particularly school counselors, will see a 10% increase in employment postings.

the procedures for becoming a certified behavior analyst

The RBT Handbook is available from the BACB if you’ve decided to seek RBT certification. You may discover details regarding the RBT certification test in the RBT Handbook, such as:

  • qualifying criteria
  • ways to be ready for the test
  • rules and regulations
  • next procedures after passing the test

1. Fulfill the prerequisites for Registered Behavior Technicians

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board has very few requirements for becoming an RBT. The only requirements for potential candidates are a high school diploma, having turned 18 before applying, and passing a criminal background check. Adults who are interested may get things started by enrolling in 40+ hour RBT training sessions. A number of universities provide online and in-person RBT programs, including:

  • Miami University of Florida
  • College of Kansas
  • Los Angeles’ California State University
  • a university in Dearborn, Michigan

The continuing education departments of these institutions provide RBT certification training.

Online training courses are normally self-paced, although they shouldn’t last more than 180 days from beginning to end. RBT training is also provided by for-profit organizations like the Verbal Behavior Institute and Child Enrichment Center. The greatest RBT training courses will include material from the RBT Task List on subjects like:

  • Measurement
  • encouraging reinforcement
  • ABA evaluation
  • professional standards

After finishing RBT training, you must pass the Initial RBT Competency Assessment. RBT Competency Assessment requirements must be:

  • supervised by a competent BACB certificant who satisfies the supervision standards
  • after you’ve finished your RBT training.
  • before sending payment for your RBT certification, the project must be finished no earlier than 90 days.


2. Submitting an RBT Application

To apply for RBT certification, you must first establish and connect into a BACB account. You will submit the necessary papers, which include:

  • RBT 40 clock hour training completion certificate
  • RBT Initial Competency Assessment completed
  • proof of a high school diploma or its equivalent, such as a transcript or certificate

For their component of the application, RBT applicants must locate an RBT Supervisor or RBT Requirements Coordinator. RBTs may utilize the certificant register, which enables online contact research using the following criteria:

  • zip code
  • state/province
  • country
  • final name

The person in charge of RBT Requirements or RBT Supervision will:

  • Verify that the candidate is older than 18 years old.
  • Verify that you cleared your abuse registry and criminal background check within the last 180 days.
  • Verify whether they are willing to continue to supervise you professionally.

Within a few weeks, you will learn whether or not your application has been accepted.

3. RBT Examination

Scheduling the RBT test is the next step if your application is accepted. At 400 Pearson VUE locations worldwide, people may take this 85-question, 90-minute RBT test solely in English. Six topics from the RBT Task List are covered in the certification test, including:

  • Measurement
  • Assessment
  • acquisition of skills
  • Reduced Behavior
  • Reporting and Documentation
  • Professional Behavior and Practice Areas

You may be curious in the cost of the RBT certification. There are two components to the RBT test price. Currently, the RBT test is $45 and application costs are $50. Retakes of the entry-level test are allowed within a year after failure. RBT credentials will be maintained for successful test-takers with a yearly 12-task direct observation.

What is the potential use of an RBT certification?

Even if you already have certifications in other professions, such as teaching, the added RBT acronym after your name may be quite useful. By employing ABA principles to help clients with behavioral difficulties, RBTs can boost their self-confidence. The addition of new skills via function-based ABA therapies may improve your professional goals. Parents and clients will feel more confident in your ability to manage the complexity of disorders like autism.

The 40-hour RBT training you completed demonstrates to prospective employers your commitment and drive for marketability. The benefits of BCBA mentoring and continuing education credits are instantly received when becoming an RBT. In addition, the RBT certificate is far less expensive than the $230 BCBA test and required master’s degree.

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A significant step in understanding how behavior analytic theories are used to address developmental delays is acquiring the RBT certificate. However, it won’t provide independence. While providing ABA services, RBTs are required to have face-to-face meetings with Board Certified Behavior Analysts at least twice a month. Having a qualified certificant with BCBA licensure will guarantee adherence to industry standards, particularly regarding client confidentiality.

The RBT is a perfect add-on for other educational, medical, and social service personnel who only sometimes use ABA with certain challenging patients or students. Your greatest option if you’re looking for greater autonomy in behavior analysis is to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree with a focus on BCBA certification.

Additional ABA Certifications

The “registered behavior technician exam” is a test that is given to people who want to become registered Behavior Technicians. The test consists of 100 questions and takes about an hour to complete.

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