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We asked our online chatbot to write a blog post on the importance of Registered Behavior Technician training. If you are an autism parent looking for support or advice, this article will be helpful in understanding what sort of experiences your child is likely to experience with their therapist and how they can help minimize these types of issues.

The “rbt 40-hour training online” is a program that offers registered behavior technician training. The program consists of four modules, and the first module will teach you how to work with children on the autism spectrum.

You may find online Registered Behavior Technician training providers whether you have a full-time job, live in a small town, or are just technologically adept. The BACB’s 40-hour education requirement for anybody regularly interacting with youngsters on the autistic spectrum is simply satisfied through online RBT training webinars.

The need for qualified RBTs is increasing as more children, one out of every 68, are being diagnosed with ASD. For instance, according to KUNR, Nevada alone has almost 7,000 autistic adults receiving services from less than 300 Registered Behavior Technicians. Fortunately, online technology is enabling more talented RBTs to undertake this rewarding entry-level job implementing behavior modification strategies.

Online RBT programs are often self-paced, allowing students to complete the quality behavior skills in anywhere between 30 and 180 days. Search the Responsible Certificant registry for BCBAs who may support your work in addition to discovering online Registered Behavior Technician training providers. These certified individuals must submit an RBT Competency Assessment with passing grades on competencies ranging from data analysis to behavior extinction, according to the NCCA-accredited curriculum. RBTs must undergo a criminal history and abuse check, much as other human services professions. The 90-minute test is taken at Pearson VUE locations using the information learned from the following online RBT training providers.

Education Collaborative ACCEPT

Governed by 16 school superintendents in Massachusetts’ MetroWest since 1974, the Education Collaborative ACCEPT in Natick has created several continuous improvement workshops for teachers and support staff. One such option is the 34-hour, 40-PDP Registered Behavior Technician Training that runs year-round online. Taught by Anne C. Donovan, BCBA, the virtual program costs $480 for ACCEPT members and $550 for non-members to develop the applied behavior analytic methods for every student’s success.

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career in autism therapy in college

Boasting 100 job placement, career in autism therapy in college was established in 2017 by Katie Cook, BCBA, as a specialized ABA vocational institute with California locations in West Covina, Orange, Los Angeles, and Irvine. Priced at $995 with a Full-Ride Scholarship and money-back guarantee available, ATCC’s 40-hour Online Registered Behavior Technician Training option has live online webinars. Within three months, students complete 12 instructor-led courses, résumé building workshops, and live interview practice.

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Behavior College

Approved by the BACB, Behavior College is a private educational institution founded by two veteran BCBA-Ds, Drs. Jessica Love and Shannon Crozier, in Las Vegas to provide on-demand webinar series concerning autism treatment. Proclaiming that “Change Begins Here,” Behavior College grants the 40-hour, 2,400-minute Online Registered Behavior Technician Training program aligned to the RBT Task List. Priced affordably at $99, the five-star online class culminates with a direct observation assessment and $25 practice exam.

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Inverse Effects

Based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, with facilities in 10 states, Inverse Effects is one of the largest individualized ABA therapy agencies that’s grown from humble beginnings in 2004 to employ over 500 and train more “Super Butterflies.” Recognized by the BACB, Inverse Effects welcomes qualified team members into the 40-hour Registered Behavior Technician Training online for free with pay at $15-$19/hour. Adhering to the Ethical Compliance Code, the experiential online program covers all positive reinforcement procedures.

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CSU Los Angeles

Ranked 59th in the West by the U.S. News, CSU Los Angeles is a public, land-grant California State University System member opened in 1947 that’s serving 24,059 undergrads off Paseo Rancho Castilla in Los Angeles and online. The College of Professional & Global Education launched a self-paced, 40-hour Registered Behavior Technician Training course for $900 total. Delivered 100 percent on Moodle, the BACB-recognized curriculum introduces behavioral principles and practices for passing the certification exam.

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CentralReach, a cutting-edge Florida-based provider of practice management software trusted by over 30,000 customers since 2012 and led by CEO Charlotte Fudge, BCBA, offers completely HIPAA-compliant solutions that pass the stringent SOC3 assessment. The 40-hour Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) course is offered by CentralReach in collaboration with Obigobi Learning for a reduced price of $149. The online course, which is broken down into 37 sections, contains vocabulary flashcards, task analysis exercises, practice tests, mentorship manuals, and further discriminating training.

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Department of Education of Colorado

Overseeing 259 school districts with over 863,500 students, the Department of Education of Colorado is the Centennial State’s principal academic division headquartered in Denver and led by Commissioner Katy Anthes since 2016. From May to September each year, the CDE offers a 40-hour Registered Behavior Technician readiness program online through its Learning Opportunities (ESSU) Portal. Delivered by Kate Loving, BCBA, the self-paced webinar supports anyone working with three- to 21-year-olds with developmental disabilities.

The Behavioral Group at COR

Directed by Dr. Joseph Galasso, one of NJ Family Magazine’s top children’s doctors, The Behavioral Group at COR is headquartered in Hasbrouck Heights as a leading autism and disability services firm for Bergen and Essex counties. Yet, aspiring RBTs across the nation can enter their 40-hour Registered Behavior Technician Training with live webinars or self-learning online videos. Billing $150, The Behavioral Group at COR maintains responsibility for content on measurement, assessment, documentation, and ethics.

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Since its launch in 2013, school staff from 160+ different nations and 32 different languages have used the free, Finnish-funded eLearning platform Eliademy, which was named among the 20 fastest-growing startups by EdTec Europe. The 40-hour Registered Behavior Technician Training course on Eliademy costs $97 including VAT. The RBT webinar, created by Sarah Haws, BCBA, of the Child Enrichment Center, requires fewer than 180 days to complete in order to go through the course content, participate in online conversations, and pass the final 50-question exam.

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Technology Institute of Florida

Hosting a Lifelong Scholar Society chapter, Technology Institute of Florida is a private, nonsectarian STEM institute and PayScale’s 118th best college for ROI with 6,631 Panthers studying from Quantico to Orlando and online. The Continuing Education Office arranges the Online Registered Behavior Technician Training for $149 per person with interactive ABA video lectures from Kristin Myers-Kemp, BCBA-D. The 40-hour, self-paced online course progresses through modules like verbal behavior and responsible conduct with two practice exams.

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Learning Innovative LLC

Graded A+ by the BBB, Learning Innovative LLC is a special education resource firm directed by Ms. Vicki Moeller that’s provided online training since 2007 from its Highway 246 facility in Buellton, California. The College of Applied Human Services offers the Behavior Technician-Level One course online for RBT training and the Applied Behavior Analyst Technician credential. Costing $200, the 45-hour, three-credit program is delivered asynchronously on the Mentor System for studying person-centered autism treatment.

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Behavioral Training Institute

Located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the Behavioral Training Institute (IBT) has been a premier, one-stop eLearning firm since 2013 that covers 360 degrees of ABA professional development in convenient online classrooms. Directed by Cecilia Knight, BCBA, the Registered Behavior Technician Training option draws on instructors’ 20+ years of experience for passing the 40-hour credential requirement. Individuals pay $300 total for spending one month on online modules like teaching play skills and token economies.

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Alternative Day Services

Established in 1999, Alternative Day Services was featured by Autism Speaks as a cutting-edge ABA and neuropsychology treatment agency headquartered in Doral, South Florida’s #1 startup city according to BusinessWeek. Director Jose A. Merida, FL-CBA, launched the 40-hour Registered Behavior Technician Training online for educators and parents to learn behavior reduction methods. Offering discounts on the $450 price for nine-month employment contracts, the program features narrated online presentations with short competency quizzes.

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Corporation for Supportive Behavior

Operating in 10 states from Massachusetts to Hawaii, Corporation for Supportive Behavior is an esteemed private, Florida-based ABA company founded in January 2007 by USF graduate Michael Nolan, BCBA-D. Since 2014, PBS Corp. has provided the Registered Behavior Technician certification course online with two 20-hour parts costing $150 each. Regional cohorts progress through 12 modules to become behavioral assistants with data collection skills, community intervention know-how, reinforcement abilities, and professionalism.

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Initiative Optimal

Accredited by the BBB since February 2012, Initiative Optimal is a premier digital ASD library offering California teachers 24/7 access to self-study webinars for implementing positive behavioral intervention plans. Taught by Michael Weinberg, BCBA-D, Initiative Optimal’s EDNU9071 course spans 45 credits total to certify entrants as Registered Behavior Technicians and Applied Behavior Analyst Technicians. Requiring a 90 percent or higher, the Certificate of Completion program culminates with a final exam after asynchronous online modules.

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Since 2012, Relias, which has offices in Cary, North Carolina, has collaborated with The Joint Commission and Arc to provide online special needs organizational training using the Silverchair Learning System. Relias provides the 40-hour Registered Behavior Technician Training online in addition to its yearly, three-day Impact Nation Conference, using the RBT Task List. The platform, which is run by CEO Jim Triandiflou, provides easy access for agency workers to high-quality video exercises and automated online solutions, which are used by 26 million people annually.

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Reconsider autism

Known for creating the first ASD curriculum aligned to Common Core in 2011, Reconsider autism is based on New York’s West 21st Street as a global educational technology firm with 1,200+ cloud-based lessons about teaching autistic children. The Rethink Ed division provides free demos for starting the 40-hour online RBT training course. Overseen by Executive VP Jamie Pagliaro, the video-based program has a user-friendly dashboard for viewing performance reports on the 27 modules and embedded mastery quizzes.

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Inc. Special Learning

Founded by Northwestern graduate Karen Chung in 2010, Inc. Special Learning is a health technology corporation that’s empowering educators with autism spectrum disorder resources online from its Chicago headquarters on Michigan Avenue. Presently priced at $299, the 40-hour RBT Online Training Course integrates pre-recorded webcasts for BACB exam prep with 4.0 ASHA units. Offering virtual one-on-one BCBA supervision, the program takes under six months until the credentialing exam at 400+ Pearson VUE centers.

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TeachTown is another online special education platform that upholds the tagline “Exceptional Solutions for Exceptional Students.” It was co-founded in 2008 in Woburn, Massachusetts, by Dan Feshbach, a winner of the MBIT All-Star Award. For a total of $799, TeachTown offers the 40-hour Registered Behavior Technician Training on Canvas by assembling a BCBA team. Teachers and paraeducators may improve the quality of behavior reduction implementation by systematically working through the 12 modules’ 119 interesting, simple-to-follow lessons.

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University of Missouri-Truman

Occupying 210 acres in Kirksville, University of Missouri-Truman is a public, HLC-accredited COPLAC member chartered by the Missouri General Assembly in 1870 that’s now enrolling 6,379 Bulldogs for the Midwest’s #2 best value according to the U.S. News. The Professional Development Office offers the 40-hour RBT training online annually with only four face-to-face weekend intensives in June and July. Costing $610 total, the three-credit online program is delivered by Andrea M. Boschert, BCBA, from Turning Point LLC.

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Central University of Missouri

Ranked the Midwest’s 21st top public school by the U.S. News, the Central University of Missouri is endowed for $39.34 million in Warrensburg, Lee’s Summit, and online to serve 14,395 Mules in 150+ academic programs. The College of Health, Science, & Technology specifically grants the three-credit Online RBT Course through the UCM Extended Campus for $272 per credit. Coordinated by Duane Lundervold, BCBA-D, the training covers Applied Behavior Analysis basics for aspiring technicians.

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College of Kansas

Opened in 1863 by Governor Thomas Carney, the College of Kansas is a flagship public, state-sponsored Big 12 powerhouse that’s ranked 262nd nationally by Times Higher Ed for instructing 28,447 Jayhawks from its 1,110-acre Lawrence headquarters. The KU Professional & Continuing Education Division initiated the BACB-guided Registered Behavior Technician prep course online. On Blackboard, this 16-unit course currently costs $149 for diving into discrete trial teaching, stimulus fading, behavioral crises, and more.

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United States Naval Academy

Enrolling 15,839 Ospreys, the United States Naval Academy is Forbes’ 161st top public college endowed for $94.88 million with its 1,300-acre, LEED-certified Jacksonville campus. From the Adam W. Herbert University Center, the UNF Division of Continuing Education manages non-credit ed2go courses, including the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Online training. This 40-hour program presently bills $325 total for high school grads and paraprofessionals to exceed BACB standards with instructor-led test preparation.

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College of Oklahoma

Endowed for $1.52 billion, the College of Oklahoma is a public, space-grant SURA member of the Big 12 that’s serving 31,250 Sooners in Norman as the U.S. News’ 97th best national university. Within the B.A. in Lifespan Care Administration program, the PACS Extended Campus offers 48-hour Registered Behavior Technician completion training online. Directed by Annie Baghdayan, PhD, every Spring, the $345 program opens competitive, in-demand positions conducting behavior-analytic services under supervision.

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Institute for Verbal Behavior

Located in South River, the Institute for Verbal Behavior is an ABA service provider in 12 New Jersey school districts and a BACB-recognized online CE provider that’s devoted to “Changing the World One Child at a Time.” For $99, the 40-hour Registered Behavior Technician Training is accessed online for addressing developmental behavior challenges. Taught by Terence Blackwell, BCBA, the program is 100 percent video-based with free textbook downloads, built-in quiz monitoring, and the mandatory RBT Competency Assessment.

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The main benefits of online RBT training include arranging modules around personal obligations, strengthening student cooperation remotely, and reducing travel expenses. You may select any U.S. online training source that tickles your fancy to improve RBT abilities, regardless of the state in where you now live. For logging into adaptable classes, have a look at these online Registered Behavior Technician training sources.

Don’t miss our list of on-campus Registered Behavior Technician Training Providers if you prefer in-person instruction.

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The “in-person rbt training” is a type of training that can be done in person. This type of training is perfect for those who want to learn about the Registered Behavior Technician program, but don’t have time for an online course.

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