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Today we are excited to share a post about how you can show your support for Autism Awareness Day. This day is not just important because it’s one of our two main holiday days, but also because the statistics around autism and its growing impact shows that people need more understanding on this topic than ever before.
The article has been written by my colleague Aline Morier who is an expert in this field so make sure to read her blog for information about what exactly being autistic means and whether or not there are any specific ways you could support those affected with autism all year long!
Introduction: Today I am going to answer some questions you might have related to autism awareness month – July 2018. Not only do these topics cover everything from why it exists, signs of ASD (autism spectrum disorder) among other topics, they’ll also give tips on how you can be supportive during this time as well as general suggestions for teachers looking at incorporating activities into their classroom lessons based off of today’s discussion. Let me know if anything seems unclear or if I should go over anything else.-Kai

On April 2nd, Autism Awareness Day, the “virtual autism awareness ideas” is a way to show support for those with autism. The virtual autism awareness ideas are things like social media posts and memes.


World Autism Day is an annual autistic event to increase awareness of developmental disorders and neurodivergence.

On World Autism Day, you may express your support by sharing information about autism, celebrating neurodiversity at local events, and listening to the experiences of neurodiverse people.

What Is World Autism Day, and Why Is It Important?

Because autism is a spectrum illness, it has many different symptoms. Even while autism symptoms may appear in children as young as two years old, many individuals do not obtain a formal diagnosis until later in life.

Every year on April 2nd, as defined by the United Nations, this day is commemorated. Around World Autism Day, several countries, such as the United Kingdom, observe Autism Awareness Week. Other nations, such as the United States, observe World Autism Month from April through May.

The Origins of World Autism Awareness Day

The United Nations places a high priority on encouraging and appreciating diversity among all countries. They emphasize equal rights for everyone, including neurodivergent people, those with physical impairments, and people with developmental disorders like autism. This is why the United Nations supports and promotes World Autism Day.

The United Nations’ National General Assembly designated April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day in 2007, with unanimous support from all member nations. The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was established in 2008 to guarantee that every human being has full and equal rights, to promote universal human rights, and to protect individuals who are subjected to discrimination or violence. This convention safeguards neurodivergent persons, such as autistic children and adults.

In his statement on World Autistic Day in 2021, the secretary-general noted that all individuals on the autism spectrum have the right to self-determination, autonomy, and independence. This includes the right to a complete education and equal work opportunities as their neurotypical counterparts.

The message noted that the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic, which has ripped in-person support networks apart, could cause challenges in 2021. It’s more crucial than ever to band together and assist one another in the most secure manner imaginable.

2022 is World Autism Awareness Day.

The 15th annual World Autism Awareness Day will be held on April 2, 2022. This year’s activities are anticipated to involve both virtual and in-person components.

2021 is World Autism Awareness Day.

World Autism Day was observed online in 2021. On their website, Autism Speaks lists a number of autism-friendly events.

The day, like in previous years, provided an excellent chance to learn more about autism, educate friends and family, and socialize with people who value neurodiversity. Craft clubs, internet gaming meetings, and educational classes were among the options.

In 2020, World Autism Day will be commemorated.

“The Transition to Adulthood” was the subject of World Autism Day in 2020. For many persons on the autistic spectrum, this phase may be difficult since it forces them to acquire new skills, transfer out of familiar situations, and achieve more independence.

International events emphasized the value of being a part of youth culture, both with neurotypical peers and with peers on the autistic spectrum. There was also information on getting a secondary education, making the transition after high school, and finding work so that individuals on the autistic spectrum may support themselves.

How to Show Your Support

Wearing blue is one way to show that you support and care for persons on the autistic spectrum. A blue ribbon, blue attire, or a unique blue shirt from a group like Autism Speaks may all be used. Share a selfie with one of the hashtags and use social media to promote charity or educational activities.

Special blue light bulbs are available to indicate your family, friends, or workplace that you support those on the spectrum. These bulbs may be purchased from the Home Depot.

There are several events available to assist you and your loved ones learn more about autism and how to support those on the spectrum. You may give to a charity or establish your own personal campaign on a donation site like GoFundMe and ask your friends and family to contribute.

Acceptance as a Top Priority

Autistic awareness isn’t the aim, according to many autism supporters, since most people are aware of the condition. Instead, acceptance of autism is the aim.

Autism acceptance is paying attention to autistic people and learning from their experiences. World Autism Awareness Day kicks off a month devoted to autism appreciation and acceptance for many people.

Supporting Autistic Family Members

Autism spectrum disease affects around one in every 44 children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

By the time a kid is two years old, a pediatrician’s screening and diagnosis are usually quite accurate, however you may observe behavioral indicators in your child as early as six months. In contemporary medicine, screening for developmental disorders like as autism is a standard element of developmental monitoring and screening.

Autism affects people of all races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds at equal rates. Boys, on the other hand, are four times more likely than females to be diagnosed with autism.

Autism diagnoses have grown increasingly prevalent over time. Autism was diagnosed in around 1 in 150 children in 2000. Changes in diagnostic criteria, as well as more frequent and consistent childhood checkups, are all contributing to this higher diagnosis trend.

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy is a popular treatment for children with autism that teaches skills, improves communication, and promotes independence.

ABA treatment does not aim to “cure” or “transform” your kid. The Autistic Society of America realizes that much of the world is not designed to accommodate those on the autism spectrum. ABA treatment may help children with autism become independent adults by teaching them social signals and how to manage complicated communication.

Taking Advantage of the Day to Honor Autism

World Autism Awareness Day encourages neurotypical people to acknowledge that when we all understand neurodivergence, such as autism spectrum disorder, and seek to accommodate these differences, the world is a better place.

Whatever way you choose to commemorate the day, it may be a good time to pause and pay attention to autistic individuals in your life as well as the environment around you.


Autism Awareness Day is on April 2nd. It’s a day to show support for people with autism spectrum disorder. Reference: when is autism awareness day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you show support on autism awareness Day?

A: If you cant show support, please make a donation to the Autism Awareness Foundation.

How do you celebrate autism awareness day at work?

A: Ask if you can take the day off.

How will you help spread awareness on autism?

A: I will answer your question.

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