How to Become an ABA Therapist Assistant in 2022

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An AAPA shows how to become a therapist assistant in 2022. This guide covers the education and training necessary for this profession, as well as where you’ll find career options.

The “aba therapist assistant salary” is the amount of money that an individual can make as an ABA therapist assistant. The average pay for this job is $40,000 per year.


You’ll require specialized training in ABA techniques to become a BCaBA in 2022. To legally practice in a clinical environment, you must also pass the board certification test.

Many licensed and qualified clinical practitioners are required to retain their certification by reapplying every few years.

What Is an ABA Therapist Assistant or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst?

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapists come from a variety of backgrounds, and there are a variety of credentials to reflect this. Almost anybody interested in working with persons on the autism spectrum may locate ABA training that is suitable for them and begin this essential job. The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) certifies assistant behavior analysts, and they are in high demand.

The board certified behavior analyst is one of the most well-known ABA treatment occupations (BCBA). This job requires a bachelor’s degree in psychology, education, medicine, or a similar discipline, as well as a few years of ABA treatment experience. This is usually a master’s degree or above post.

You may apply for the BCaBA post if you do not have this training or if you know you want to work with persons on the autism spectrum but do not want to complete a master’s degree.

BCaBAs have undergraduate-level certificates, enabling you to work in a clinical, therapeutic, or educational context under the supervision of a BCBA. Despite the fact that you will not be able to establish or execute treatment plans on your own, you will work with numerous clients on your own with the help of the BCBA. You’ll be able to supervise registered behavior technicians as well (RBTs).

What Are the Steps to Becoming a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst?

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1998 to monitor and moderate professional standards among therapists, educators, and medical professionals interested in using ABA treatment to benefit persons with autism. RBTs, BCaBAs, and BCBAs are the three roles that this board certifies.

Although the BACB does not provide direct training for any of these three jobs, there are several institutions, universities, and medical schools that do. The board does have particular prerequisites for becoming a BCaBA, which may be met via certified training programs aimed at helping you pass the board certification test once you finish your degrees.

The following are examples of courses that may prepare you for BCaBA certification:

  • The course sequence has been verified. This is a series of courses that the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) has approved as completing the requirements for taking the board certification test. Some of these courses may be part of a larger undergraduate program, such as teacher education or nursing. Others might be self-contained professional certification programs.
  • An undergraduate program that has been accredited by the ABAI. When you enroll for an undergraduate degree program, you may discover a bachelor’s track recognized by the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) if you know you want to work with persons on the autistic spectrum. These schools go beyond a few ABA treatment courses and instead concentrate on ABA therapy as a whole profession. The American Bar Association Institute provides a variety of approved degree programs, including doctorate, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees.
  • Coursework that has not been verified. You may sit for the board certification exam without having completed an ABAI-verified track, but you’ll need your department to sign a course content attestation that you’ll submit with your exam application or preliminary coursework assessment. This information aids the ABAI in determining whether or not the curriculum you completed fits their professional criteria.

You will need to learn in a clinical environment just as you would in a classroom setting. To be eligible for the board certification test, you must find a BCBA to supervise your training hours. If you’re returning to school, contact your course sequence coordinator or adviser for assistance, or even your job.

What Does It Take to Become an ABA Therapist Assistant?

In January 2022, the BCaBA norms will undergo certain changes. The prerequisites for candidates applying before January 1, 2022 may be found here.

To become a BCaBA as of January 2022, you must complete specified qualifying conditions. You must do the following:

* Have an ABAI-accredited undergraduate program or a degree with certain ABA therapy components.

* Complete and pass the following behavior-analytic coursework:

  • The ideas and principles of ABA are covered in 45 hours.
  • 45 hours of instruction on the fundamentals of behavior modification and particular strategies for inducing behavior changes.
  • 30 hours spent identifying and assessing the issue.
  • 15 hours for discretionary behavior-analytic material, maybe on particular demographics of autistic persons.
  • 15 hours of ethical and professional behavior.
  • Measurement and data analysis took 10 hours.
  • Learning experimental design takes 5 hours.
  • 5 hours of considerations for intervention and behavior change.
  • Working on behavior change systems for 5 hours.
  • Implementation, management, and monitoring took 5 hours.

* Find an appropriate BCBA supervisor and begin supervised experience, completing 1,000 hours of supervised independent fieldwork, 670 hours of practicum, or 500 hours of intensive practicum. Each month, no less than 20 hours may be accumulated, but no more than 130 hours may be earned in the same month.

  • The most basic technique to training is supervised independent fieldwork, which allows you to practice in a clinical context while being supervised by a BCBA.
  • Practicum hours and intense practicum hours enable you to finish identical training in less time, but they can only be obtained via a pre-approved course sequence.

* Pass a BACB audit if one is required. For trainees and supervisors, they occur at random to verify that requirements are fulfilled.

* Register for the certification test by filling out the application, submitting the required papers, and paying the exam price. After that, you’ll have to wait up to 45 days for confirmation of your examination date.

* Complete the 130-question test.

* Begin applying for BCaBA opportunities after receiving your certification notification.

You may apply for employment after you have your certification, but you must complete continuous professional education and recertify every two years to keep your license valid. This necessitates a certain amount of field-specific learning, teaching, and/or professional scholarship, as well as retaking the certification exam if your license has lapsed. Your BCBA supervisor must confirm that you are still working as an assistant ABA therapist.

After you’ve completed your certification, you’ll need to look for work.

You may start looking for a job as a BCaBA when you finish your courses and pass your board certification test. As of 2021, the average BCaBA salary in the United States is $67,000; this equates to $34.50 per hour. This pay will vary based on where you reside in the nation, but it will be comparable to the local standard of life.

Finding job as a BCaBA may be as easy as searching online for vacant openings and applying. During your training and supervised fieldwork, you may develop contacts with clinical practitioners, so don’t be afraid to seek supervisors or school advisers for assistance or employment referrals. You may also seek for employment vacancies with local ABA treatment firms that deal with schools or medical institutions.


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