Homeschooling Kids with Autism: 101 Curricula and Other Great Resources

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Autism is a spectrum disorder and as such, it often presents different challenges for parents of children with autism. Despite these challenges, many parents are looking to homeschool their children on the condition that they will get more personal attention than might be available in traditional schools. As you prepare your child for life after high school or college graduation, this article provides 101 curriculum ideas and other great resources

Homeschooling high functioning autistic children is a great way to ensure that your child gets the best education possible. This article has 101 curriculum and other resources for homeschooling kids with autism. Read more in detail here: homeschooling high functioning autistic child.

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September 2019

The best learning setting is not a regular classroom for many youngsters on the autism spectrum. Numerous families with autistic children have decided to homeschool them as a result of this revelation. If your family falls into this category, you may not know where to begin. Or maybe you’ve been homeschooling your autistic kid and are looking for ways to handle fresh difficulties. In any case, you’ve arrived at the ideal location.

30 Best Autism Blogs as a Resource

Here are 101 resources for teaching autistic kids at home. Each resource has been divided into one of nine categories for your convenience: applications, articles, books, blogs, curricula, podcasts, additional resources, Support Teams, and websites. While some of the materials on our list are tailored particularly for kids with autism and others are meant for homeschoolers in general, all of them are intended to assist homeschooling parents in determining the best approach to teaching their autistic children.



The 30/30 app is a great tool for many people to keep track of the time spent on assignments and other duties. The software may help autistic kids maintain attention on the work at hand and adhere to a timetable.

Track for Autism

Track for Autism is an app that can help homeschooling parents of children with Track for Autism everything from interventions to behaviors. The user-friendly app includes a place to log daily behaviors. A sliding checklist feature allows the user to keep up with necessary daily therapy, medicine, or other activities.

Think, Breathe, Do with Sesame

The Sesame Street app teaches kids about emotions by using well-known and adored characters. Children with autism will also get knowledge about how to: by taking part in the interactive app:

  • solving issues on their own
  • better manage their emotions
  • they should relax.


Children who are receiving the proper speech and language treatment may use CoughDropAAC. The app enables the following in combination with the kid’s therapy:

  • improved exchange of needs and desires
  • easier education
  • improved standard of living

Daniel Tiger Feelings Are Grr-ific

Daniel Tiger Feelings Are Grr-ific helps children to identify, communicate, and even cope with their feelings. The app is designed for preschoolers, but is also beneficial for those requiring special education.

First, visual schedule, then

The First, visual schedule, then app is designed to help kids stay on task and complete assignments and activities efficiently. It is especially helpful for those who have trouble communicating, but provides positive behavior support for any child.

Four teeny-tiny corners

For homeschooled children on the autism spectrum, forming friendships and relationships can be an added challenge. Four teeny-tiny corners is a helpful application that uses an interactive storyline to teach kids all about relating to friends and others.


Using iPrompts, you may teach your autistic kid how to create and adhere to a routine. This program utilizes graphics to encourage the kid into a planned task, and then uses a visual countdown timer to let the youngster know how much time is remaining.


iReward may be helpful for parents of autistic children who are homeschooling their children. This useful tool enables you to measure the frequency of a desired action while the kid works toward a goal and reward, similar to placing stickers on a chart.

Memory Booster

Memory Booster is a game-themed app that any student is sure to find fun. Best of all, it helps students work on their visual and lasting memory skills.


The TalkTablet solution software utilizes text-to-speech to help youngsters who are unable or unwilling to communicate verbally. The app may be used as a sole source of support or as a visual learning tool.


Any student should become proficient at taking notes, and there are several methods for doing so. The YouNote app helps students get familiar with a variety of these approaches so they may choose the one that works best for them.

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Kids with autism spectrum disorder at Homeschool”

Kids with autism spectrum disorder at Homeschool” is a helpful article from popular website The Autism Life. The article is essentially a detailed interview with Anne, a parent who homeschools her autistic child.

“The Basics of Homeschooling Your Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder”

Parents who are still debating whether or not homeschooling is the best option for their child with autism spectrum disorder should read this article. The post, written by a homeschooling mother of two autistic kids, gives a comprehensive outline of everything to be anticipated.

Does My Autistic Child Need to Go to Public School?

This post by Lisa Jo Rudy will be beneficial for parents who are debating where their autistic kid should get their education. Rudy answers a number of frequently asked issues while outlining why she ultimately chose to homeschool her autistic 11-year-old son.

With Aspergers and unschooling

Parent and home educator Susan McLeod-Harrison discusses how “unschooling” has benefited her family in this article from Life Learning Magazine. She explains how unschooling is particularly advantageous for youngsters on the autistic spectrum, the majority of whom are motivated and inspired to learn about the subjects that pique their specific interests.

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Home in Carolina, Aut 2B

The blog Tammy Glaser keeps about her experiences educating her now 25-year-old daughter with autism and aphasia is a priceless resource of anecdotes and lessons. Even if the blog is no longer maintained, its huge history of useful content ensures that it is still a fantastic resource.

Blog The Friendship Circle

Blog The Friendship Circle focuses on special education for children with all kinds of special needs, including autism. Parents of homeschooled autistic children will especially enjoy the blog’s many articles about ways to foster inclusion and friendship with others.

Autism homeschooling

Though it is no longer updates, Autism homeschooling’s extensive archive makes it a fantastic resource for homeschooling children with autism. In each post, a mother of a middle school-aged boy with autism details everything from choosing a homeschool curriculum to working on various social skills

My Autistic Child

My Autistic Child is a blog aimed at parents of children with high-functioning autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Most of the extremely helpful articles are written by Mark Hutten, a counseling psychologist and home-based family therapist. A wide variety of topics are covered.

Mama with autism

This site was once run by Kaylene, a homeschooling mother of six neurodiverse children, under the name The Outnumbered Mama. The website is jam-packed with suggestions for resources, reviews of products, useful data, and even a website shop. For parents just starting out on the autism path, Kaylene also provides an online session.

Observations of a Resident Alien

Although not specific to the topic of homeschooling children on the autism spectrum, Observations of a Resident Alien is a potentially useful blog for those parents who seek to better understand the thought process of someone on the Spectrum. The blog is written by an adult woman with autism, and topics cover just about every aspect of life.

instructing Tommy

instructing Tommy is the blog of Lisa Jo Rudy. Each blog post documents a new step in the home education of Rudy’s son, Tommy. Though instructing Tommy has not been updated since 2010, Lisa Jo Rudy remains a leading voice in homeschooling children with autism. The blog maintains an extensive archive that are easy to search.

Autism: A Thinking Person’s Guide

Additionally, this popular blog has a Facebook group with more than 200,000 members. Although not just, the club is for parents who are homeschooling autistic children.

  • those who have autism
  • parents of kids with autism spectrum disorders
  • professionals to exchange news and resources.

Rules of the Wild

Parents of autistic children who were not unschooled themselves will find this site to be a useful resource. The website follows the author’s personal unschooling experiences while providing a wealth of unschooling ideas. It has a comprehensive collection of reviews and resources for unschooling.

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Go exploring and have fun outside!

There are many ideas for enjoyable outdoor activities in this book by Lisa Jo Rudy. Rudy’s book, which is geared at families with autistic children, will not only provide parents suggestions on how to meet a homeschooler’s physical education needs but also help them discover new loves outside of the house.

Home Educating our Children on the Autism Spectrum: Walking the Paths

This book by Terri Dowty is a compilation of intimate tales from parents who educate their autistic children at home. Each tale offers encouragement and suggestions that are helpful to individuals who are just starting out.

Educating the Difficult Child at Home: A Practical Guide

“Homeschooling the Challenging Child” provides professional guidance on a range of special education-related topics. As a seasoned homeschooling mother, author Christine Field ensures that the book is both empathetic and beneficial.

Asperger Syndrome Child Homeschooling

“Asperger Syndrome Child Homeschooling” is chock-full of tips and ideas that homeschooling parents can use on any budget and with any curriculum. There are also step-by-step instructions on things like:

  • studying nonverbal cues
  • overcoming perfectionistic inclinations
  • Coordinating abilities
  • Additionally, handwriting

Answers to the Most Common Questions About Homeschooling an Autistic Child Parents and Experts Question

The handy manual Homeschooling the Kid with Autism seeks to address the most frequent queries parents have with homeschooling their autistic child. There are also helpful hints for continuing a successful homeschooling practice.

How to Teach Your Difficult Learner at Home

Based on more than 60 interviews with homeschoolers with different learning abilities, “How to Teach Your Difficult Learner at Home” provides a wealth of insight into what it’s like to teach an autistic child at home. The book is written by Kathy Kuhl, who herself homeschooled a struggling child from elementary school through graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Applied Behavior Analysis for Your Child with Autism: The Parent’s Guide to In-Home ABA Programs

For parents that include ABA treatment into their homeschooling plan, this book is a valuable resource. The brief and helpful guide provides solutions to the most often asked issues, including how ABA may benefit an autistic kid and how to interact with ABA therapists and organizations.

Read Aloud to Your Child in 100 Lessons

Parents of struggling readers may find this book to be helpful. Written to help parents help children, “Read Aloud to Your Child in 100 Lessons” walks parents through the research-based approach to get their child reading without cutting and pasting, without flashcards, and without difficult-to-decipher directions.

Tutoring Children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome at Home: A New Approach

For parents of children with autism and Asperger’s syndrome who are homeschooling their kids, Olga Holland’s book is packed with advice and inspiration. It also gives the reader a lot of helpful suggestions.

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For kids aged 2 to 8, there is an online program called ABCmouse. More than 850 classes and 8,500 exercises are available, covering topics like:

  • reading
  • math,
  • science
  • and hues; art;

It is intended to be finished independently by the pupils.

Abeka Education

A common choice of curriculum among both homeschoolers and private Christian schools, Abeka Education is based upon:

  • alternate repetition
  • drills
  • workbooks

The curriculum includes DVDs that give the courses a visual and interactive element.

A+ Interactive Multisensory Math

This program is ideal for a youngster on the autistic spectrum and is available online or on a CD. The whole math program is built on the tried-and-true test-grade-review cycle and offers clear teaching.

Totally Reading

Totally Reading is a hands-on and sensory-friendly reading curriculum that has been well received by both young homeschooled children and their parents. The myriad activities allow children to develop reading skills at their own pace without stress or frustration.


A homeschooling curriculum with a strong Christian foundation is called Apologia. Any kid, grades K–12, may use this program, which has won several awards. Parents may be guaranteed that their kid is obtaining a strong foundational understanding of the topics being covered whether they pick physical textbooks or online courses. Particularly the scientific program at Apologia is praised by parents.

ABA Curriculum for Autism

More than 150 trial programs divided into 12 categories make up the ABA Curriculum for Autism. Each category compiles the latest in education, and all programs have been tested in actual therapy environments.

A Curriculum Encyclopedia for Autism

A Curriculum Encyclopedia for Autism, better known as ACE, is a complete education package with curriculum that can be customized. ACE is especially popular because it’s a comprehensive curriculum database, ensuring that each parent can find exactly the right program for their child.

Education Calvert

It has been more than a century since this adaptable secular curriculum first appeared. Hundreds of homeschooling families, military families stationed abroad, and even professional kid entertainers and sports have selected it as their curriculum of choice. Calvert’s complete flexibility is what makes it so enticing. Families may choose to use the whole homeschool curriculum or just certain courses.

All-in-One Homeschooling Made Simple

Designed by a dedicated homeschooling mom with six kids from ages two to 15, All-in-One Homeschooling Made Simple is a free online curriculum that requires only a computer and the internet. Nearly all materials are free, and the curriculum does not require any major books or supplies.

Decipher the Code

Decipher the Code is a unique reading curriculum designed to help children build a strong literacy foundation. The well-received program also aims to help children become lifelong readers.

Gemm Education

Gemm Education is an online curriculum tailored to fit each child based upon online behavioral and reading assessments. As an added bonus, real-time support from educators is available seven days a week.

Letters Written Without Tears

Neat and legible handwriting is an important skill for any child. Letters Written Without Tears provides multi-sensory handwriting instruction that is developmentally appropriate for each stage of Kindergarten through 5th grade.


K12 is a free public online school. It may be tailored to match the requirements of any kid, including the flexibility to choose topics from various grade levels, making it perfect for the homeschooling child with autism.

Fred’s Mathematical Life

Older students who are hesitant about math will appreciate Fred’s Mathematical Life. This unique math curriculum is written in the style of a humorous novel, and students learn various math concepts and methods through the main character’s many encounters with real-world math.


A popular program among parents of autistic children is Math-U-See. This is mostly because of the manipulatives and practical paper work it includes.

Press Memoria

A classical education that is suitable for autistic children but is not specifically created for them. In addition to the fundamentals, each school level concentrates on a distinct aspect of Western heritage, such as Greek mythology, Famous Men of Rome, and Famous Men of the Middle Ages, among others.

Math in Miquon

The Math in Miquon curriculum is ideal for students who need to work with their hands in order to understand math concepts. The simple and visually plain workbooks provide for a distraction-free work environment, while manipulatives are included to help the student understand.

Oak Meadow Education

The Oak Meadow Education is a unique homeschool curriculum well suited for students with autism or disabilities. Lessons are exciting and vary day-by-day, and accommodate all learning styles.

Slavic Math

Slavic Math is a math curriculum commonly used in public schools, but well suited for children on the autism spectrum. The curriculum is characterized by its straight-forward approach and interactive manipulatives.

Autism Program TEACCH

Autism Program TEACCH is a curriculum put together by the research program of the same name at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. The curriculum, which is more of a framework for achieving educational goals, includes online resources, guidelines for proper assessments, and plenty of teaching materials.


TeachTown Basics and TeachTown Social Skills are two modules in this software-based curriculum that are specifically created for kids on the autistic spectrum. Both include parent-led and computer-based activities with amiable cartoon characters.


Contrary to other curriculum providers, Timberdoodle enables parents to put together their own unique “curriculum kits.” Lessons and activities covering the following topics may be found in kits:

  • art
  • Scripture STEM
  • among other things, puzzles.


Parents of autistic children often choose Time4Learning as their child’s curriculum. The online program emphasizes social and academic abilities equally and allows students to work at their own speed.

3D Wilo Star

Unlike most computer-based curricula for those on the autism spectrum, 3D Wilo Star creates a virtual world for students, complete with virtual classes students can “attend.” Lessons in English, math, history, and more are taught through Power Point presentations, audio, and magic white boards.


A writing program called WriteShop was created particularly for “writing-phobic youngsters.” There is a fundamental curriculum offered for children of all ages. It introduces and develops fundamental writing abilities in a fun method for pupils using step-by-step tutorials.

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A Show About Autism

A Show About Autism is an online radio cast meant specifically for autism parents and educators — or parent educators. The show always covers relevant and helpful topics, and features a variety of autism advocates, educators, organizations, and authors. Though A Show About Autism is no longer producing new episodes, all 99 episodes are still available via the major platforms.

Caffeine Klatch

This audio series features contributions from a range of well-known experts and covers recent material regarding autism and mental impairments. Goal-setting for students by homeschooling parents may benefit greatly from the podcasts.

Smart Moms who Homeschool

Though Smart Moms who Homeschool is not specific to homeschooling children with autism (they do have an entire episode on the topic however), this podcast is still invaluable to anyone trying to educate their children at home. Each episode answers listener questions, reviews new resources, and discusses various tips and ideas. The moms no longer produce new episodes, though the individual episodes remain available and helpful.

Channel for Special Education

Part of the Bam! radio network, the Channel for Special Education is a must-listen for parents and those interested in educating students with a range of disabilities, including autism. Listeners will hear from a variety of experts on topics like:

  • assisting children in overcoming difficulties like dyslexia
  • techniques for instructing youngsters on the autistic spectrum
  • creating communication networks, among other things.

Kids’ Podcast on Language and Speech

Speech and language pathologist Carrie Clark hosts this popular podcast. Perfect for parents with children who struggle with speech/language delay, Kids’ Podcast on Language and Speech covers topics such as:

  • articulation
  • phonology
  • substitute communication
  • stuttering

Even if the podcast doesn’t make new episodes anymore, all of the old ones are still accessible and useful.

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Additional Resources

Kids’ Art Projects

Parents of children with autism may discover enjoyable and interesting art projects to work on with their kid on this (mainly free) website. Numerous arts and crafts projects, as well as some “how to draw” exercises, are included with clear, concise directions. Activities are often introduced.


Do2Learn is an interactive website that serves as a pleasant approach for kids to work on social skills and behavior control while learning. There are hundreds of free pages on the website. activities consist of:

  • songs
  • games
  • academic content
  • Additionally, communication cards.


On Funbrain, there are many free games, printables, and movies. Funbrain is a fun and original approach for kids to practice essential abilities like shapes, letter sounds, arithmetic, etc. It is geared for children from preschool to eighth grade.

I Can Pound a Fundanoodle! Kit

The Fundanoodle I Can Pound Kit is intended for Kindergarteners and other young learners who could benefit from hands-on activities to learn letters. It is more of a supplemental activity than a curriculum. The set contains:

  • pounds of letterhead
  • colored pencils
  • dot-to-dots,
  • additional things that you can accomplish on your own.

Cards for Fundanoodle Muscle Mover

The Muscle Mover Cards are another another fantastic Fundanoodle resource for young children with autism. Each dry-erase card comes in uppercase and lowercase variations and has a traceable letter on one side and an entertaining animal-themed game on the other (a great brain break!).

Crafts for Green Kids Subscription Service

Crafts for Green Kids Subscription Service is an awesome resource for homeschooling parents in need of some arts and crafts ideas. A box is delivered monthly, filled with fun hands-on craft ideas with easy-to-follow instructions.

IXL Education

Homeschooled children with autism can supplement their curriculum where needed thanks to IXL Education, a website which provides students with activities aligned with the most common curriculum standards. The website requires a low monthly subscription fee, and has activities for grades K-12 in:

  • math
  • literary arts
  • science,
  • social science

Network for Literacy Education

This online tool teaches young children language and reading skills via interactive games and courses. There are several “print and practice” tasks as well as activities in German, French, and Spanish.

Spectrum Resources

Spectrum Resources offers home educators more than 50,000 worksheets, downloads, textbooks, reading books, and just about anything else you can think of. While it isn’t specifically aimed at students with autism, there are myriad resources which will be appropriate.

examining eggs

examining eggs is an online resource for games to help young children practice reading skills. The subscription-based program includes tons of videos and activities that children with autism will both enjoy and be able to complete at their own pace.

Online Art Lessons at Sparketh

For many homeschooling parents, art presents a particularly unique challenge, which is why Online Art Lessons at Sparketh is such an appealing and ideal resource. The internet-based resource allows for parent-guided or independent work, and walks students through a series of fun, easy-to-understand art projects.

brand-new suspense series

The brand-new suspense series is a series of six short novels aimed specifically at young readers with reading challenges. Each novel features the same cast of characters and is divided into short and manageable chapters.

Simple Talk

Simple Talk is home-based speech therapy for children under age 10. The DVDs are available in two levels — one for children who have difficulty pronouncing words, and one for children who need help speaking words and sentences in order to communicate. Each Simple Talk is split into easy and enjoyable five-minute sections.


For children having difficulty with arithmetic or reading, Pearson’s SuccessMaker is a useful addition. The tasks in the computer-based program are simple to learn and unfrustrating, and they are adaptable and prescriptive.

Kids’ Typing Instruction

Typing is an important skill for every child to have. Kids’ Typing Instruction is a computer-based program that kids can follow to learn typing skills the fun way.

The dawn light

For those homeschooled children independent and responsible enough to need a morning alarm clock, the The dawn light is the ideal option. Perfect for those kids who are sensitive to sounds, the The dawn light gradually brightens to wake up kids the same way the sun does.

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Support Teams

Autism Family Forum

Autism Family Forum is a helpful Facebook forum in which like-minded people can post to find support, encouragement, information, and ideas.

HSLDA has supported homeschooling since 1983.

A massive list of homeschooling Support Teams throughout the world. Search your location to find others who can help you with local laws, ideas, recommendations, and other forms of support. Forums

Any homeschooling parent will find to be a fantastic resource, but its forums are particularly helpful. Each forum operates as a support group where users may discuss struggles and victories, ask questions, and provide or seek advise on a variety of topics.

educating Aspies at home

Christian homeschooling parents of children with Asperger’s Syndrome might find support on the list Home Schooling Aspies. The posted themes are intended to support, uplift, inspire, and inspire prayer.

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Homeschooling Autistic Children with A2Z Homeschooling

An essential resource for parent educators of children with autism is the website A2Z Homeschooling. In addition to online help and evaluations of books and websites with an autistic theme, the website offers a ton of advise in the form of personal accounts from other parents and specialists.

Massachusetts-based Advocates for Home Education, Inc.

One need not be a citizen of Massachusetts to find this website helpful. Better known as AHEM, Massachusetts-based Advocates for Home Education, Inc. rightly bills itself as the “go-to source for homeschool support and information.”

Games in Aven’s Corner

Children with autism or those looking for straightforward, uncomplicated games may check out Aven’s Corner, a website dedicated to games. Children may learn how to click on things, develop hand-eye coordination, and a host of other skills via playing games.

Autism Education

Autism Education is a website aimed at parents and educators of children with autism. The site is a great resource that includes, among other resources:

  • free resources for educators
  • advice on establishing a home classroom
  •  reviews of new mobile apps and links to them.

standardized sheets

This free website is a fantastic resource for locating lesson worksheets or supplementary practice for individuals to whom Common Core content applicable. Worksheets that are authorized by the Common Core are available for the following subjects:

  • math
  • social science
  • science
  • literary arts
  • writing
  • spelling
  • various tongues

Worksheets for Dad

This useful website, run by a father of four daughters, has a collection of arithmetic activities and graphs. The website, which is set up like a blog, provides advice and suggestions to go along with each worksheet.

Ed Helper

Ed Helper is a great tool for parents who are homeschooling their children to use while looking for worksheets and activity sessions. The available worksheet categories include: The parent/teacher does not need to prepare the worksheets.

  • math
  • spelling
  • understanding of the text
  • grammar
  • summer exercise.

Creations in Education

Creations in Education is an inexpensive resource for educators. Parents can search the website for skill-building worksheets, morning work, reading prompts, and more to supplement any curriculum and provide extra practice where needed.

Fun for the whole family

Fun for the whole family is a website aimed at providing parents of special needs children with ideas for activities and resources. The website also includes a free online forum for parents to connect with other homeschooling parents around the world.

The Network of Family Unschoolers

Because so many parents of children with autism find that “unschooling” is the best system for their family, The Network of Family Unschoolers is a great resource. The website provides interesting newsletter articles, lots of resources, book reviews, and must-read websites.

Hip Moms who Homeschool

a website that bills itself as a “thriving community for families who homeschool.” Among other things, the website provides details on numerous resources, evaluations of the curriculum, and even recipes.

Academy of Khan

This wonderfully helpful website provides access to a large library of amusing and simple-to-follow films on a range of subjects. Each video is free and may be used as a lesson or a supplement when learning a concept is proving challenging.

The Strong

The Strong claims to be the most popular disabilities-themed website on the internet. Whether or not that’s true, this immensely valuable resource includes a a large autism community and information from autistic people, parents, and pros.

Open Society

There are several free educational tools on this excellent website. Autism homeschooling parents can find just about whatever they’re searching for online, including free college-level courses, tools for learning languages, and much more.

Personalized home learning

Personalized home learning is a website specifically aimed at helping homeschooling families of special needs students excel. The site includes various resources about:

  • learning and autism
  • a website shop
  • evaluations of various items
  • a platform for conversation.

Super Teacher Printables

Super Teacher Printables offers parents and educators thousands of free or inexpensive worksheets to supplement lessons or units. The site is especially helpful thanks to its easy-to-navigate menu of topics and subtopics.

Teachers Reimburse Teachers

Teachers from all around the globe may join on this special platform, including parents of homeschooled children. There are many learning units and tasks available for students with autism, so teachers may simply search the vast database and buy what they want.

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More for Families & Parents:

The “is it better to homeschool an autistic child” is a question that many parents ask themselves. This article will provide you with 101 Curricula and other great resources for homeschooling kids with autism.

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