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FIT offers a variety of degrees in applied behavioral Analysis, all offered online and with flexible schedules. FIT is one of the few accredited schools offering this degree type. The school also has an open admissions policy that allows students from outside the state to apply for acceptance.

Florida Institute of Technology is one of the best colleges for a career in Applied Behavioral Analysis. The Florida Institute of Technology offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in Applied Behavioral Analysis. This includes degrees, accreditation, applying, tuition & financial aid.

Florida Institute of Technology’s ABA Program

Our list of the Top 20 ABA Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs includes Florida Tech.

There are many choices available at Florida Tech for students interested in Applied Behavior Analysis Enrollment in one of the school’s certificate programs is open to undergraduates and those pursuing bachelor’s degrees. The five lessons offered by the applied behavior analysis assistant include an introduction to applied behavior analysis’ fundamentals, a discussion of the ethical and professional conduct of behavior analysts, and classes on reducing, eliminating, and substituting problem behavior. Eight courses make up its Applied Behavior Analysis certificate program, which covers advanced and specialized themes in the field as well as the same classes. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree, these certificate programs enable students to study ABA in more detail.

The institution also provides a number of graduate degrees in ABA-related fields. One of them is a more fundamental ABA curriculum that enables graduates to appear for a board certification test. Eight courses make up this curriculum, which enables students to complete it in only 18 months of full-time study. Two more graduate programs offered by FIT integrate organizational behavior and management studies with ABA studies. These students get knowledge on how to interact with customers more successfully.

These programs are offered as hybrid programs that let local students attend part of their courses on the Melbourne, Florida campus as well as totally online options. They can communicate with their instructors and collaborate closely with their classmates. The behavior analysis Ph.D. program at the Florida Institute of Technology is also well-liked by FIT alums and students who obtained their master’s degrees elsewhere.

With regards to The Florida Institute of Technology

One of the biggest and most well-known technical universities in Florida and the whole country is the Florida Institute of Technology. Due to the fact that many of its first programs had an engineering or very technical focus, it was initially founded in 1958 and named Brevard Engineering College. Many of its early students had the opportunity to work with NASA as its original campus was located at a nearby airfield. As enrollment increased, the institution developed its own campus, which expanded dramatically over time, and relocated away from the airport. It created a modest campus in Jensen Beach, sometimes known as FIT, where it provides marine biology classes and other activities that let students get hands-on experience in and near the sea. Additionally, FIT operates campuses in more than ten places nationwide. Students may also enroll in courses online.

Though FIT boasts an enrollment of more than 6,400 students, less than 5,000 of those students attend classes on its main campus. This enrollment rate includes students studying on satellite campuses as well as its online students. Washington Monthly, ARWU, U.S. News & World Report and Forbes all rank FIT as one of the top American colleges, but it ranks on the list of top colleges in the world produced by ARWU and Times too. The school also ranks as a best buy college because it has a low tuition rate.

Information about Florida Institute of Technology’s accreditation

Students may transfer credits to and from FIT since it has regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). One of the conditions set out by the US Department of Education for students who want to utilize financial assistance to attend college is regional accreditation. The American Psychological Association (APA), the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI), and the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) have all granted specialist accreditation to FIT. Specific courses and academic disciplines are covered by this kind of accreditation.

Florida Institute of Technology’s requirements for applications

FIT seeks for applicants who have finished a demanding high school program. Priority is given to individuals who completed college-level coursework, advanced placement coursework, and courses of a similar kind. A minimum of three years of arithmetic courses must be completed prior to applying to any psychology degree that offers the Applied Behavior Analysis curriculum. Students are required to present an authentic high school transcript that details their class standing, overall GPA, and courses studied. These courses must include some more challenging ones to demonstrate the student’s ability to achieve at the college level.

Due to Florida Tech’s rolling admissions policy, students are not obligated to adhere to deadlines. The school will continue taking students into a program as long as there are still spots available in that program. However, those who want to apply for scholarships must do so by February 1st. Prospective students may apply to this institution online using its own application. Students may work on the application for days or weeks by logging in and out of the system as needed.

The official results of the exam, as well as a letter of reference, are additional criteria set out by FIT. The testing organization must provide the ACT or SAT exam results. Recommendation letters from instructors or guidance counselors may be submitted by students. Students are also required by FIT to produce an essay, for which they are given a variety of prompts. This demonstrates the student’s writing skills and ability to react to a query or prompt.

School costs and financial aid

Each program at Florida Tech has a different price tag. Science and engineering majors spend more than $20,000 a year in tuition, while students in all other majors pay around $18,700. Students are allowed to enroll in a full course load of up to 19 credits every semester as a result. The cost of tuition for part-time students is $1,170 per credit, which is the same as what the university costs for summer course enrollment. For all courses completed online, Florida Tech Online charges a cheaper tuition cost of only $510 per credit hour.

Financial assistance programs are available from FIT to assist students in covering their tuition costs. The FAFSA that a student submitted will be used by the school to create a package that considerably lowers the amount that the student must pay out of pocket. Grants and loans from the federal government and the state of Florida are included in the fundamental package. For students who excel academically and those who need more support, the school provides scholarships. Parents of Florida Institute of Technology-accepted students may apply for alternative loans from private lenders as well as PLUS loans, which are provided by the government.


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