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Some people with autism have shown to be better at certain skills such as math, but some also struggle in areas like social interactions. A certification for autistic specialists would provide a system of accountability and transparency for practitioners who work with children on the spectrum. The first step is creating this specialized type of certifier that can help find those best suited to serve these kids.,

The “certified autism specialist salary” is the salary of a certified autism specialist. The job description for a CAS includes working with children and adults, as well as providing therapy to individuals on the spectrum.

Those in the autism assistance industry may gain from becoming Certified Autism Specialists (CAS). Receiving this kind of certification shows clients and coworkers that you are dedicated to advocating for the autism community and a better quality of service. We offer all the details you need to get started if you’re considering becoming a Certified Autism Specialist.

A Certified Autism Specialist (CAS) is what, exactly?

An globally recognized certification is the Certified Autism Specialist, which is given by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing education Standards (IBCCES). People with some kind of autism may get services and assistance from certified autism specialists. These services are offered in a variety of settings, including

  • educational environments
  • therapy clinics
  • charitable organizations

Your mastery of autism training and dedication to professional growth are recognized by the CAS certification. By demonstrating to employers that you work hard to uphold strict professional standards, completing this optional certification may improve your professional reputation.

Job Opportunities at CAS

People who seek to get certified as CASs come from a wide range of occupations, including:

  • instructors of specialty instruction
  • doctors
  • psychologists
  • counselors
  • A physical therapist
  • language and speech therapists

The need for CAS experts is high, and they should be able to use their qualification to further their careers. This credential may be obtained by even temporary instructors, which can increase work chances in specialty instruction classrooms.

Dealing in schools to support autistic students’ academic success might include working with people who have autism spectrum disorders. In order to aid people in becoming more independent, some Certified Autism Specialists work in residential facilities.

You may even utilize your credential to work for autistic groups and charities if you’re serious about becoming a CAS. Around the nation, there are hundreds of groups that:

  • effort to assist those who have autism
  • supporting them
  • community awareness of autism

Can Your Career Be Advanced by CAS Certification?

It’s never a bad idea to add a specialist qualification to your CV. Your credibility and reputation in the industry may be improved by becoming a Certified Autism Specialist. Additionally, it validates your expertise in the field of autism. Naturally, obtaining this kind of credential may also improve your prospects and options for job progression and higher pay.

Taking the CAS course improves the relationship you have with your:

Since you’ve been recognized for your dedication to helping them, those you’re aiding will have more faith in your skills and devotion. Parents will have more faith that you can assist their kid.

Along with the personal advantages, this kind of speciality may set your company or institution apart from the competition and strengthen your grant eligibility. It could even lower the likelihood of legal action being taken against your business or institution.

Salary of a certified autism specialist


Your present work path will determine the pay you will get after you have earned your CAS degree. Although professional progression is more probable, being a Certified Autism Specialist will certainly increase your chances of receiving a salary that is above normal for the position.

A specialty instruction teacher and a teacher who works with children who have autism earn around $60,000 annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. An occupational therapist, for example, earns around $80,000 annually. A person in these sorts of occupations who chooses to add a CAS degree to their CV should anticipate earning more than the national average and should have more access to future, higher opportunities.

Although there will be a range in pay following having this kind of certification, it will unquestionably increase your chances of progress. Depending on the sort of profession they are in, Certified Autism Specialists may earn up to $100,000. The compensation scale is greater for doctors and psychologists. Therapists and psychologists who own their own practices and offices are among other well-paid professions.

How to Become an Expert in Autism


You may be interested in learning how to become a Certified Autism Specialist. By earning the title of CAS, you demonstrate your expertise in and dedication to the subject of autism by being recognized by an approved body. Certification prerequisites comprise:

An advanced degree-

Candidates must have earned a master’s degree in one of the following fields:

  • specialty instruction
  • education
  • academic psychology
  • psychology
  • human advancement
  • young kid education
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Workplace therapy
  • physical exercise
  • social service
  • a topic that is relevant

lacks a master’s degree? If you have a bachelor’s degree and more than ten years of experience, the master’s degree requirement may be waived.

A two-year background

You must have at least two years of documented experience dealing with people who have autism spectrum disorders

14 CEUs –

Applicants for the CAS program must have completed 14 hours of recent continuing education that is specifically connected to autism. The CAS application procedure allows applicants to acquire CEs from IBCCES University.

Pass the autism proficiency test-

The CAS Autism Competency Exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. The test may be finished in 90 minutes by the candidates. 80% is the cutoff for passing. Six competence categories are covered by the questions, including:

  • Overview of Autism
  • Conduct Competence
  • Compelling Program Development
  • Competency in Early Childhood Identification
  • Parental Communication Skills
  • Competencies Comorbidities

You will be given an official Certification Number and listed on the International Registry as a Certified Autism Specialist Holder after passing the test. At, employers may check your credential number.

Pay the Registration Fee –

You will be required to pay a $495 Registry Fee before taking the test. This cost consists of:

  • Online training for 14 CE hours
  • the price of examining your application
  • same, admission to the CAS test
  • the CAS certification

Renewal Conditions

The certifying body may have requirements of you in order for you to maintain your certificate and speciality over time. Certified Autism Specialists are required to renew their certification every two years by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards. requirements consist of:

  • paying a $199 renewal charge
  • 14 more CEUs in closely connected disciplines
  • keep your CAS status valid and continue to abide by the Code of Ethics

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Working in the different fields that support people with autism may be challenging, but it is very gratifying and well worth it. It takes dedication, compassion, and extreme kindness. We hope you will use the knowledge you gained from this review to begin the process of becoming a Certified Autism Specialist as soon as possible.

For additional information on ABA certification or other autism credentials, see the sites below.

The “how do you become a certified autism specialist” is a question that has been asked many times. There are currently no official certifications for becoming a CAS, but there are programs and courses that can help people gain the skills needed to work with children on the spectrum.

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