The Best Online BCBA Certification Programs of 2022

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What are the best online BCBA certification programs of 2022? This is an important question, as a future career in this field requires training that meets national and professional standards. The task can be daunting without guidance. That’s where we come in! We took on the challenge to find you all of the top-quality courses offered by various leading institutions and companies across a range of topics like autism, behavior analysis, case management practice skills and more.

The “cheapest bcba online program” is a good option for those who are looking for an affordable BCBA certification. There is also a wide range of courses that one can take to get certified in this field.

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By 2021, the Behavior Analyst Certification Board will have recognized most online BCBA programs as part of a master’s degree program. These programs provide special education, psychology, or applied behavior analysis courses, as well as the behavior-analytic coursework needed for the BCBA test.

The majority of online programs provide part-time or full-time study alternatives, as well as flexible class schedules. Many students work while earning their degree online, and they are able to finish all of their curriculum in roughly two years.

Certification as a BCBA

If you’ve considered becoming a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA), you’re undoubtedly aware of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s curriculum requirements (BACB). These standards are in place to guarantee that behavior therapists are knowledgeable and talented in the area of applied behavior analysis (ABA).

The following are the three basic prerequisites for getting a BCBA:

  • A graduate degree in behavior analysis with associated curriculum.
  • supervised fieldwork or practical experience
  • Passing the national Certification as a BCBA exam.

All Certification as a BCBA programs must be at the master’s or doctoral level in the fields of behavior analysis, education, or psychology. It is also essential that your degree program covers behavior-analytic coursework that meets BACB standards as verified course sequences. A preliminary degree evaluation is available for students who are unsure if their degree meets all BACB requirements.

Online Certification as a BCBA Programs

Students who complete online certification programs that have been approved by the BACB to satisfy all academic criteria are qualified to take the national BCBA test. The easiest approach to ensure that you are enrolling in a legitimate educational program is to choose a program from an approved institution or university.

Universities and educational institutes all throughout the nation offer ABA programs. In 2021, below is a list of the best online BCBA graduate programs:

  • The Association for Behavior Analysis International has designated the University of Dayton’s Master of Applied Behavior Analysis degree as a recognized academic sequence, qualifying students to sit for the BCBA test.
  • A Master in Behavior Analysis from Simmons University may be completed in as little as 23 months. Weekly webcam live courses are conducted, mentorship and supervision hours are included in the course, and there is no GRE need to apply.
  • Pepperdine University’s School of Education and Psychology offers an online Master of Science in Behavioral Psychology. The curriculum required to pass the BCBA test is included in the courses. Online coursework, in-person courses, and local clinical experience are used to teach the program.
  • Regis College: A Master of Applied Behavior Analysis may be completed in 20 months with three start dates each year. This curriculum satisfies all BCBA requirements and offers certificate choices.
  • Drexel Institution: This top-ranked university offers an online Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis. This program may be taken part-time or full-time and includes BACB-accredited content. There are additional on-campus and online alternatives.
  • Monmouth University offers an online Master of Education in Special Education with a focus on autism or ABA. To sit for the BCBA test, you must choose the ABA track and finish the requisite courses. The online ABA credential may be obtained without obtaining a master’s degree.
  • The Chicago School of Professional Psychology offers a part-time, online Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis that takes 28 months to complete. This curriculum covers the educational criteria for students to sit for the BCBA test and prepares them to deal with a variety of people throughout their careers.
  • This BACB-accredited online Master of Education in Special Education with a focus in ABA degree is provided by Pennsylvania State University. Students learn how to deal with people who have exceptional needs using evidence-based techniques. Most students finish the program in 1.5 to 2 years, but you may tailor your curriculum to your needs and complete it at your own speed.
  • Oregon Institute of Technology: For anybody interested in taking the BCBA test, this online Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis program follows the BACB course schedule. Students must complete nine BCBA courses as well as electives. Oregon Tech’s ABA program allows second-year students who reside in the area to complete their practicum experience.
  • The University of Cincinnati’s completely online Master of Education: Foundations in Behavior Analysis program offers BCBA coursework in ten courses that take around five semesters to complete. Online certificate programs are also available.
  • Cairn University: This online program, which is ranked and approved, enables students to earn a Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis. The curriculum may begin at any time throughout the semester and can be finished in as little as five semesters. This degree prepares students to take the BCBA test via a recognized academic sequence.
  • Western Connecticut State University: This Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis degree completely conforms with BCBA education standards and is recognized as one of the most inexpensive online ABA programs accessible. Students who have previously earned an approved graduate degree from a recognized institution may also get an ABA certificate.
  • Texas A&M University: This MEd/MS in Special Education is designed to be completed in two years and is entirely online. Through this program, students complete behavior-analytical coursework that qualifies them to take the national BCBA exam. To be admitted to the master’s program, students must apply to both the department of Educational Psychology and Texas A&M University.
  • Ball State University is a public university in the state of Indiana. This online Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis is an authorized and reasonably priced degree program that may be finished in less than two years. Students take BCBA-mandated courses and have the option of focusing on autism.
  • The University of Southern Maine offers an online Master of Science in Educational Psychology with a focus on ABA. Online classes are available, including weekly online sessions with instructors and peers. BACB-certified students generally study one or two courses every semester and finish the program in two years.

In-Person vs. Online Programs

The choice to pursue an online ABA program rather than an in-person program should be based on your particular requirements, not on any concerns about the program’s educational quality. In recent years, online education has advanced significantly, and by 2021, it will be on level with the quality of an in-person education. You may be certain that the courses you get will fulfill all eligibility and certification standards if you choose a BACB-certified program.

On the BCBA test, online and on-campus graduates of ABA schools have identical pass percentages. According to Simmons University, 85 percent of their 2018 alumni passed the BCBA test on their first attempt, whether they were from their online or on-campus program.

Although an online program places greater responsibility on the student to study alone and complete homework on time, there is just as much possibility for academic achievement as there is in a regular on-campus program. An in-person session may be beneficial for you if you know you struggle with personal time management.

Working Toward Your Certification as a BCBA Online

Completion of an online Certification as a BCBA program is an excellent route for people who can not otherwise attend a traditional on-campus program. Online programs provide flexibility and cost savings that not many in-person programs can offer.

An online BCBA school may be a viable option for obtaining the behavior analyst certification you need provided you are attentive in researching the qualifications of the program. It’s the first step in earning your BCBA certification.


The “best bcba programs” is a study that has been done on the best online BCBA certification programs of 2022. The list includes top schools like BCBA University, and the University of Michigan.

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