The Best Online ABA Degree Programs of 2022

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The best online ABA degree programs of 2022 will continue to be mostly undergraduate degrees with a major focus on teaching and research. However, some universities are starting to create masters in autism as well because it is such an important topic for many students today.

The “top applied behavior analysis graduate programs online” is a list of the best online ABA degree programs. The list includes top schools in the United States, Canada, and Europe.


To address the increased need for licensed behavior therapists throughout the nation, a growing number of online applied behavior analysis programs have been launched. In 2021, you may select from a variety of online ABA degree programs.

Graduate-level online programs are offered for persons who want to take the BCBA test, while bachelor’s-level programs are accessible for people who want to become certified assistant BCBAs. Online RBT training programs are accessible for persons with a high school education who want to gain a head start in the area of ABA.

Why an ABA Degree Might Be Necessary

If you want to work in the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA), earning an ABA degree is one of the most effective methods to get the information and abilities you’ll need. ABA has a variety of roles that need various educational degrees and certifications.

The most well-known sort of behavior analyst is a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA). They supervise assistant BCBAs and behavior technicians and offer analysis and intervention services to clients.

While working under the supervision of a BCBA, board certified assistant behavior analysts (BCaBAs) deliver ABA services directly to clients. Registered behavior technicians (RBTs) operate under the supervision of a BCBA or BCaBA and offer direct therapeutic services.

A degree and suitable clinical training, as well as passing the applicable national test, are needed to work in the area of behavior analysis, regardless of whatever sort of behavior analyst or clinical service provider you want to be.

Online BCBA Programs with a Good Reputation

As the field of ABA expands in 2021, so does the need for qualified behavior therapists, and so increases the number of online ABA schools available. Students’ educational and professional demands are met via online programs, which provide them with greater freedom. Students may complete their educational objectives while working, caring for their families, and attending to life’s other duties with online programs.

Here is a list of reputed online master’s-level ABA schools that fulfill the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s (BACB) curriculum criteria for students interested in becoming a BCBA:

  • The Chicago School of Professional Psychology offers an online Master of Science in ABA that satisfies the BCBA test criteria. The curriculum is meant to be completed part-time over the course of 28 months.
  • Purdue University Global: A master’s degree in psychology is available, with students choosing from five specializations to match their employment objectives, one of which being ABA. Throughout the year, many start dates are available to fit students’ life, career, and educational commitments.
  • A Master of Arts in Special Education with a specialization in ABA is available at Arizona State University. Students will be prepared to employ evidence-based methods in their future client work as well as to take the BCBA national test.
  • University of Washington: The ABA Online Program, offered through the University of Washington’s College of Education, was named one of the best online master’s degree programs in behavior analysis in 2019. It includes the required coursework for the BCBA exam as well as an optional Master’s in Special Education.
  • There is an online Master of Education in Special Education with a graduate certificate route in ABA provided by George Mason University. The autistic disorder track and the ABA track are available to students. There are also stand-alone certifications available that do not need a master’s degree.

BCaBA Programs Available Online

Many online programs are offered to students who want to obtain a bachelor’s degree that incorporates necessary ABA curriculum to prepare them for the BCaBA test. The following programs will grant you a bachelor’s degree and enable you to take the BCaBA national test by meeting the BACB prerequisites.

Here is a selection of BCaBA Programs Available Online in 2021:

  • Purdue University Global offers an ABA-focused Bachelor of Science in Psychology that prepares students to work as assistant BCBAs. Students may study toward a master’s degree while pursuing a bachelor’s degree, enabling them to finish both programs in less time and at a lower overall cost.
  • Clarion University: Upon completion of this five-course program, students will receive an Assistant Applied Behavior Analysis and Competent Learner Model Certificate. The curriculum is solely available online and prepares students for the national test.
  • Lowell, Massachusetts: University of Massachusetts Lowell Anyone with a bachelor’s degree from an approved institution may enroll in a four-course certificate program. The BCaBA Coursework Preparation Graduate Certificate Program in Applied Behavior Analysis is fully online and covers all of the BACB’s coursework requirements.
  • The School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver offers an online ABA certificate. The certificate program is for instructors who wish to understand how to interact with pupils whose conduct is interfering with their ability to study. The five-course curriculum fulfills the coursework requirements for a BCaBA or BCBA certification.

RBT Programs Available Online

An RBT certificate may help those who don’t have a bachelor’s or master’s degree but want to improve their skills in the area of behavior analysis. Here are several programs that are totally online that prepare students to take the national RBT exam:

  • Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) is a public research university in Florida. This 100% online, self-paced curriculum satisfies all RBT accreditation criteria. After registration, students get instant access to the course.
  • University of Kansas: This self-paced training program culminates in an RBT certificate of completion and is offered by one of the country’s top ABA institutions. This curriculum, which is based on the BACB RBT Task List, prepares students for the RBT test and for careers in ABA.
  • The University of South Florida is located in Tampa, Florida. Tampa: This RBT training program consists of 12 online courses that total 40 hours of instruction. To get a certificate of completion, each module must be passed within 180 days.
  • Oklahoma State University: This 48-hour online RBT training program is taught by qualified BACB instructors and covers both the training and competence assessment requirements for taking the RBT test.
  • University of Nebraska: Students may get their RBT certificate via this free, self-directed online training program. It is open to any Nebraska citizens interested in continuing their education in the area of behavior analysis.

What to Look for When Choosing a Program

When looking for an online ABA program, there are a few things to consider.

Make sure you’re looking at programs that will help you achieve your professional objectives throughout your research. You must take graduate education to obtain a BCBA, but a BCaBA merely has to complete bachelor-level curriculum. Always double-check that the material you’re doing meets the educational criteria for the certification level you want.

Whatever sort of ABA professional you want to be, it’s critical that you finish your courses via a BACB-approved institution. Only schools that satisfy the Behavior Analyst Certification Board’s curriculum criteria will qualify you to take each national test. Be cautious of advertisements for ABA programs that have not been accredited by the BACB.

For students who want more flexibility in their education, online programs are an excellent alternative. A wide range of BACB-certified programs are available online to assist you in achieving your personal and professional objectives.


The “cheapest bcba online program” is a list of the best online ABA degree programs that are available in 2022. Each school offers a variety of services and degrees, so it’s important to do your research before you make any decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can ABA be done online?

A: ABA stands for adverse binomial distribution. This is a type of probability calculation that can be used to analyze the reliability and validity of data obtained from random samples.

Is a degree in ABA worth it?

A: This is a difficult question to answer. It all depends on what you are looking for in your career, where you want to be and how much money it will cost. For example, if you wanted to be a language teacher then yes, getting that degree would be worth it because there is a high demand for these jobs around the world while they pay fairly well as well. However if someone wants to go into law or medicine which are highly competitive fields with many professionals earning six figures per year then no degree could help unless it was from one of those majors (law school or medical school).

Is Capella University ABA program accredited?

A: No, it is not accredited.

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