Average Salary for Occupational Therapists by State (2022)

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In the United States, occupational therapists earn an average of $75,020. This number is by state and occupation type. The highest paying states are Louisiana at $101,140 and California at $95,430 per year
The lowest-paying occupations will be in Oklahoma with a salary of only just over $4400 a year).

The “occupational therapy salary by state 2022” is a list of the average salaries for occupational therapists in 2022.


The average Salary for Occupational Therapy in the United States is little under $89,000 per year.

Occupational therapists who work in the United States must have earned a graduate degree, passed the national occupational therapy test, and been licensed by the state in which they operate. Because the educational requirements to become an occupational therapist are same throughout the nation, years of experience and geographic location have the most impact on income.

Occupational therapy employment growth is expected to be substantially faster than the average for all professions in the United States. The need for occupational therapists is predicted to rise as the number of elderly persons and people with autism who benefit from occupational therapy services increases.

What Is the Role of an Occupational Therapist?

Occupational therapists (OTs) help individuals of all ages who are having difficulty doing all they want in their everyday lives. OTs assist their clients learn or recover abilities that they need to live life to the fullest by using specific daily activities. Occupational therapy services may help people who are recovering from an accident, disability, or sickness.

Common OT interventions, according to the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), include assisting children with impairments, such as autism or other learning issues, in participating more fully in school and social contexts. Occupational therapists also regularly assist persons recuperating from injuries and elderly folks in regaining physical and cognitive abilities.

A typical occupational therapy curriculum contains the following components:

  • An first one-on-one assessment to determine the client’s strengths, shortcomings, and treatment objectives.
  • A treatment plan that is tailored to meet certain objectives.
  • An outcome assessment to determine the success of the treatments and, if required, make modifications.

Occupational therapy is a science-based, evidence-based profession. Occupational therapists use a comprehensive approach to determining how to make the environment more accessible to their patients. As objectives, strategies, and results are developed, the client is an important element of the treatment planning process.

Salary for Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists (OTs) are master’s-level therapists who have passed the Occupational Therapy Registered test and are licensed in the state where they work. Occupational therapists are compensated quite well throughout the nation due to their high level of education and training. The average OT compensation in the United States is $88,649.

Salary ranges for occupational therapists in the United States are as follows:

  • $103,804 for the top ten percent
  • $96,582 for the top 25%
  • $88,649 is the average.
  • $81,207 for the bottom quarter of the population.
  • $74,431 for the bottom 10%

OT pay normally rise with years of experience, as they do with other jobs. The following are the average overtime wages by seniority:

  • $127,977 per year at the highest level
  • $104,997 per year at the senior level
  • $84,270 per year for a mid-level position
  • $67,635 per year for juniors
  • $55,490 per year as a starting point

State-by-State OT Salary

Your geographic location, in addition to your years of experience, might influence how much you can anticipate to make as an OT. While occupational therapists are highly compensated across the US, certain states pay greater average OT salaries than others.

According to, the following are the average yearly pay for OTs by state:

  • $99,197 in Alaska
  • $82,915 in Alabama
  • $81,611 in Arkansas
  • $87,487 in Arizona
  • $98,843 in California
  • $88,225 in Colorado
  • $95,746 in Connecticut
  • $98,427 in Washington, D.C.
  • $92,915 in Delaware
  • $84,066 in Florida
  • $85,614 in Georgia
  • $92,844 in Hawaii
  • $84,685 in Iowa
  • $83,519 in Idaho
  • $90,879 in Illinois
  • $86,455 in Indiana
  • $83,977 in Kansas
  • $83,269 in Kentucky
  • $84,773 in Louisiana
  • $96,277 in Massachusetts
  • $91,238 in Maryland
  • $85,304 in Maine
  • $88,561 in Michigan
  • $90,525 in Minnesota
  • $84,331 in Missouri
  • $76,986 in Mississippi
  • $80,216 in Montana
  • $84,419 in North Carolina
  • $83,092 in North Dakota
  • $81,145 in Nebraska
  • $89,817 in New Hampshire
  • $97,835 in New Jersey
  • $80,880 in New Mexico
  • $90,702 in Nevada
  • $94,950 in New York
  • $86,402 in Ohio
  • $83,181 in Oklahoma
  • $88,136 in Oregon
  • $88,313 in Pennsylvania
  • $93,268 in Rhode Island
  • $82,827 in South Carolina
  • $75,747 in South Dakota
  • $80,393 in Tennessee
  • $86,895 in Texas
  • $83,838 in Utah
  • $87,959 in Virginia
  • $85,216 in Vermont
  • $94,507 in Washington
  • $87,163 in Wisconsin
  • $78,402 in West Virginia
  • $78,756 in Wyoming

If you’re thinking about changing jobs to boost your OT pay, keep in mind that occupational therapy certifications have state-specific restrictions. While the requirements differ somewhat from state to state, you will need a valid OT license in each state where you want to practice as an OT.

Occupational Therapists’ Best Places to Work

Occupational therapists are employed in a wide range of contexts. OTs help children and adults in a variety of settings, from schools to hospitals.

These are the top five industries where occupational therapists work, according to CareerExplorer:

  • Facilities for nursing care (skilled nursing facilities)
  • Services for health care at home
  • Other professionals’ offices (physical, occupational, and speech therapists)
  • Hospitals are a kind of healthcare facility (state, local, and private)
  • Secondary and elementary schools (state, local, and private)

The following are the top employers in the United States for occupational therapists, as well as their average reported salaries:

  • $129,337 at Sutter Health
  • $126,257 Professional Tutors of America
  • $125,022 TT Medical
  • $124,781 TheraCare
  • $117,168 for Stern at Home Therapy
  • $116,872 for outreach physical and occupational therapy, as well as speech therapy.
  • $115,248 for Kindred at Home
  • $112,202 for Lifelong Therapeutics
  • $109,937: The Stepping Stones Group
  • $108,122 United Therapy Solutions, Inc
  • $106,952 for Confident Care
  • $105,445 for Cranial Technologies
  • Baylor Scott & White Health: $103,897
  • Healthcare for the host: $102,392
  • $101,387 LHC Group
  • $98,232 for Solace Pediatric Home Healthcare

While these firms are attractive to occupational therapists because of their competitive salaries, they also provide a slew of other advantages, including:

  • Work schedules that are flexible.
  • Many clientele are available.
  • Good communication across the firm.
  • High morale and team-building exercises
  • Working in a professional setting.
  • Employees have complete control over their caseloads.
  • Managers who are willing to help.
  • Work that is rewarding.

Job Growth in the Field of Occupational Therapy

Earnings for occupational therapists are higher than the national average. Occupational therapy employment are predicted to expand 18 percent between 2018 and 2028, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This contrasts to a 13% employment growth rate for all health diagnostic and treatment practitioners and a 5% overall job growth rate.

The demand for occupational therapists is determined by people’s capacity to pay for such treatments. Occupational therapy services are generally covered by health insurance or paid for out of pocket by clients. The expenses of school-based occupational therapy services are funded by the student’s school district for pupils who qualify.

As the present baby boom generation matures, more occupational therapists will be required to assist people with age-related illnesses including Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis. People with chronic health disorders, such as diabetes, are also looking for noninvasive treatment alternatives.

Furthermore, as the number of people diagnosed with autism rises throughout the nation, so will the need for school- and home-based occupational therapy treatments to assist those kids improve their social skills and capacities to do daily chores.

Occupational Therapy as a Career

Occupational Therapy as a Career is bound to be a rewarding, challenging, and unique one. OTs are highly trained individuals who are skilled at assessing their clients’ needs and developing customized treatment plans. OTs are team players who continually consult with other treatment professionals, educators, and parents.

Licensed occupational therapists will have more work prospects in the future, according to the BLS, in all settings, but especially in hospital, rehabilitation, and orthopedic settings for the elderly.

Occupational therapists that specialize in a certain therapy area will have a lot of career opportunities. However, specialization is not required since a thorough understanding of the discipline can help you succeed in any occupational therapy situation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest paying state for occupational therapist?

A: The nation with the highest median pay for occupational therapist is Washington, which has a value of $69K.

Whats the median salary for an occupational therapist?

A: The median salary for an occupational therapist can vary depending on the geographic site.

Which occupational therapy setting makes the most money?

A: Occupational therapy professionals can make a lot of money in hospitals, clinics and institutions. However they also earn quite a bit working as an outpatient therapist at home or privately on their own terms.

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