Average BCBA Salaries in 2022 (Best States & Cities)

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The average BCBA salary in 2022 is $88,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This includes states with higher and lower salaries as well as cities with high and low wages.

The “best states for bcba jobs” is a question that has been asked many times. In 2022, the average BCBA salary will be $68,000. The top cities with the highest number of job openings are: San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, Boston MA, New York NY and Washington DC.


Board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) are therapists with a master’s degree. They’ve acquired specialized training and instruction in assessing and turning troublesome behaviors into useful life skills, particularly in children and people with autism.

BCBAs in the United States make about $60,000 per year on average, however this varies widely by state and city. Years of experience and geographic location are two of the most important factors that impact BCBA compensation. BCBAs earn varied amounts depending on where they work, such as in private practice, schools, or nonprofit organizations.

The career future for BCBAs is bright, as demand for behavior treatment services continues to rise throughout the nation. Applied behavior therapy (which BCBAs administer) is increasingly being utilized to treat various developmental and behavioral problems. It is already largely acknowledged as the most effective treatment option for autism.

What are the responsibilities of Board Certified Behavior Analysts?

BCBAs are behavior analysts who have earned their master’s degree. BCBAs often work with autistic children and adults to lessen harmful behaviors and promote good, practical life skills. Individuals with various developmental abnormalities may also benefit from this kind of treatment.

BCBAs use applied behavior analysis (ABA) treatment to learn more about how behavior works, how it is influenced by the environment, and how learning occurs.

BCBAs personalize ABA treatment programs for each of their clients by evaluating their requirements, determining personalized behavior objectives, and often supervising registered behavior technicians (RBTs) who assist with implementation.

BCBA Salary Average

According to PayScale, the BCBA Salary Average in the U.S. is about $60,000 per year. As with most jobs, BCBA salaries are greatly affected by years of experience. The more experience you have, the more you can expect to earn.

Based on years of experience, the following are reported BCBA salaries:

  • $54,000 per year for an entry-level position
  • $59,000 per year for 1 to 4 years
  • $63,000 per year for 5 to 9 years
  • $66,000 per year for those aged 10 to 19.

Depending on your specific role, you might earn much more with a BCBA. BCBAs who work as clinical or center directors, for example, earn $80,000 to $90,000 per year.

BCBAs who work in private practice may make well over $100,000 per year. BCBAs may earn more than $145,000 per year in high-demand locations.

BCBA Salaries: Best States & Cities

BCBA salaries tend to be higher in larger cities where there is more demand for behavior therapy. According to Indeed, states that pay higher than the national BCBA Salary Average are California, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

The top paid cities for BCBAs as of May 2022 are:

  • $124,521 per year in Brooklyn, New York
  • $86,217 per year in San Jose, California
  • $81,608 per year in Miami, FL
  • $80,573 per year in Orlando, FL
  • $79,775 per year in Novi, Michigan
  • Beverly, Massachusetts: $72,169 per year
  • $71,292 per year in Houston, TX
  • $69,194 per year in Denver, CO

While there is a higher need for BCBAs in big cities, there is a strong demand for BCBAs throughout the nation. As of 2019, the following states have the largest demand for BCBAs, in decreasing order:

  • California
  • Massachusetts
  • Texas
  • Illinois
  • Florida

Board certified assistant behavior analysts are also in great demand (BCaBAs). The demand for assistant BCBAs surged by 157 percent from 2018 to 2019. The following states have the most need for assistant BCBAs:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Virginia
  • Texas
  • Arizona

Board certified assistant behavior analysts are also in great demand (BCaBAs). The demand for assistant BCBAs surged by 157 percent from 2018 to 2019. The following states have the most need for assistant BCBAs:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Virginia
  • Texas
  • Arizona

Employers that hire BCBAs

BCBAs are employed by private corporations, nonprofit organizations, schools, and health-care institutions.

BCBAs often operate as self-employed contractors. They are not employees, but rather are hired by businesses or groups to administer behavior treatment programs.

There are several job arrangements open to you, whether you choose to work full-time or part-time as a consultant. BCBAs work in a variety of situations, including:

  • Clinics for mental wellness.
  • Nonprofits that help people with autism.
  • There are both public and private schools.
  • Companies that provide insurance.
  • Hospitals.
  • Governmental bodies at the local and state levels.

BCBAs work for a corporation or organization, but they spend a lot of time in schools, clients’ homes, and other community settings executing their interventions. You’ll probably go between venues to encourage your clients to learn appropriate behavior skills in a variety of circumstances.

You may choose whatever work environment appeals to you the most based on your personal objectives as a behavior therapist. People with autism, adults suffering from a traumatic brain injury, and adults with other developmental disabilities who are seeking to live more independently are treated in different settings.

BCBAs will have more opportunities in the future.

BCBA employment growth is expected to be significant during the coming decade. The need for behavior therapists in the United States has increased dramatically since 2010 and is expected to continue.

The demand for certified behavior analysts has grown every year in every state since 2010, according to the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. Since 2010, the demand for BCBAs has increased by 800% throughout the country.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that the field of behavior therapy will increase at a much quicker rate than the national average. This profession is expected to rise by 22% between 2018 and 2028, according to the BLS.

This rise may be attributed to two factors: an increase in the number of autism diagnoses and the extension of most insurance plans to cover ABA therapy. The therapeutic usage of ABA treatment grows beyond its well-known use for autism, increasing the need for BCBAs.

More job vacancies and better BCBA pay possibilities are expected in 2021 as the need for ABA treatment grows.


The “entry level bcba salary” is the average BCBA salaries in 2020. The best states and cities to live are also included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do ABA therapist make the most money?

A: The answer to this question is dependent on what type of job they do and how many hours per week they work. This information could be found by searching a reputable source such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics or Salary Wizard

How much do Bcba make in Hawaii?

A: Bcba is a basketball player from Hawaii. While not every year, he makes several million dollars in net income per season through his various endorsement deals and sponsorships.

How much do BCBAs make Florida?

A: BCBAs make $39,000 annually in Florida.

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