ABA Therapy Services in Vancouver

ABA Therapy
Services in Vancouver

Because children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) show certain signs, each one of them should be provided with treatment that addresses their needs. Here on the Spectrum is bringing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a successful therapy supported by decades of research and results, to the communities surrounding Vancouver.

Provider of local ABA therapy in Vancouver

ABA therapy can help youngsters meet their occupational and psychological goals, which are facilitated by the right interventions in an ideal setting. If your child is currently diagnosed, or you’re looking to find an ABA provider, our skilled clinicians are here to support the start of therapy.

New to ABA Therapy?

Vancouver ABA Therapy Services at Home

Our team strives to arrange a safe and supportive home base that enhances your academic skills and educational development.

On a daily basis, progress is monitored.

appraise program findings before and after the session. Our family-oriented approach makes it possible for us to make adjustments to have the kids ready for all sorts of challenges, including those due to leisure, travel, doctor’s appointments, etc.

Each child’s needs are met through individualized programming.

Our in-home ABA therapy includes one-to-one direct treatment given by a specialist on a one-on-one basis. ABA services may include, 1:1 treatment, family parent education and training, functional behavior assessment, Behavior Intervention Plans to diminish inappropriate behavior.

Support for Insurance Services at ABA in Vancouver

Laws typically mandate insurance coverage for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services. We take great care to ensure all plan requirements are met prior to the initiation of your child’s ABA therapy.

We at Here on the Spectrum are Vancouver Autism Therapy Specialists

Our team-centered strategy ensures that every client we serve receives the highest levels of help, support, and responsiveness that we can be trusted to provide.