ABA Telehealth Therapy

ABA Telehealth Therapy and Consultation

At Here on the Spectrum, we offer telehealth services for you and your child. We provide parent training, safety planning, and general consultation through telehealth.

If parents are looking for ABA telehealth therapy, we can come together to assess our goals and programs to determine if telehealth therapy is a good fit for your child!

The benefits of Telehealth

Although in-person ABA therapy provides a lot of benefits to some of our learners. Telehealth ABA provides a valuable alternative to in-person services.

It helps close the gap between those who need support and those who are not able to access them in person. We want to try to help as many families as we can!

Telehealth And Applied Behavior Analysis

Telehealth is currently becoming popular in the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA). Our professionals are constantly receiving additional training to ensure we provide ethical and effective ABA telehealth therapy to our families and clients.

This will likely improve access to care for more individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other developmental disabilities.

Our ABA Telehealth consultation includes:

AN Initial online intake meeting

Let us know what you’d like our support in and areas you’d like your child to work on. Our team of professionals will assess to see if we are able to work on these goals virtually.

It is important to note that not goals can be worked on virtually and our professionals will determine if in-person supports for your child will be more effective and ethical.

Assessments and Observations

We will have an in-depth interview to gather more information. Additional methods to conduct assessments may include checklists, reports, and online observations to ensure we get a good idea of where to start!

Programs and strategy Planning

Strategic program planning and training will be provided through an online platform to ensure we are working on our goals ethically and effectively.

We want to make sure we are not compromising any learning or development by teaching on an online platform.

Consultation: Parent education and training

Parent education and training in ABA teaches strategies for promoting and ensuring your child’s learning and development exceeds beyond therapy sessions.

Safety training can also be provided virtually to ensure parents and their child are in a safe environment with minimal safety risks as we work on our goals.

How Does Telehealth Work?

Telehealth in ABA is something that has only been recently explored. However, all our professionals have had consistent training and experience in delivering telehealth services in the last 3 years.

Video-conferencing meetings are held using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Our professionals use HIPAA-compliant video or voice technology to ensure safety and confidentiality in our clients.

If parents have any prior concerns of having service on a telehealth platform, please let us know and we can try our best to ensure service is tailored to meet all expectations.

Parent training provides access to ABA therapy

ABA treatment is often difficult to access for people living in certain areas. There is always a shortage of specialists and professionals. Advances in telemedicine allow ABA treatment to be provided by remote therapists and caregivers.

Telehealth Social Skills ABA Therapy

Social skills training offers the opportunity to practice the skills learned by direct ABA therapy, while developing the social skills that cannot be learned through a session at the clinic. There are telehealth resources or opportunities perfect for people struggling with social anxiety or who have difficulty showing up for a session at the clinic, due to distance or comfortability.

Support for Parent-led ABA Therapy

Parent-led ABA offers parents the resources and skills to help train their child to use foundational ABA techniques, increasing their positive learning opportunities and providing them the necessary skills for a structured parent-training program. The capacity of participating families to interact with a therapist is reduced, giving them more control over their time.


When using telehealth, keep in mind that our professionals are not receiving direct hands-on assistance with ABA therapy or one-on-one oversight of ABA therapy assignments to your child, but is considered a supplementary way of providing additional oversight and input for in-home supports.

Telehealth benefits in ABA-based behavioural therapy

Telehealth benefits will result in the expansion of access to ABA-based behavioural therapy services for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.

We at Here on the Spectrum are Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA®)

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