ABA Telehealth Therapy

Telehealth offers ABA services for you! Through the use of technology, Telehealth ABA provides a valuable alternative to in-person services and helps close the gap between those who need advice and those who are available to provide it.

Telehealth Insurance Coverage

Telehealth offers ABA services for you! Through the use of technology, Telehealth ABA provides a valuable alternative to in-person services and helps close the gap between those who need advice and those who are available to provide it.

Telebehavioral health and Applied Behavior Analysis

Telehealth is currently becoming popular in the field applied behavior analysis (ABA). This will likely improve individuals' access to care for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other developmental disabilities.

Our Telehealth ABA Program includes:

Initial ABA Assessment

Functional Behavior Assessment

ABA program implementation

Parent education and training

Functional Behavior Assessment

Behavior Plan with strategies to address specific behaviors

How Does Telehealth Work?

A videoconferencing appointment, such as by way of a smartphone, tablet, or computer, with a health professional you are able to communicate with using HIPAA-compliant video or voice technology. If there is some concern over the suitability of telemedicine, the patient and their family should approve the option before commencing the use. Telehealth is not appropriate in all cases.

ABA services delivered via telehealth

Telehealth has grown in popularity in recent years among ABA service providers. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has boosted interest in telehealth to an all-time high.

Parent training provides access to ABA therapy

ABA treatment is often difficult to access for people living in underserved areas. There is a shortage of physical, occupational, and speech therapy specialists in every areas of the country. Advances in telemedicine allow ABA treatment to be provided by remote therapists and caregivers.

Remote services for children with ASD

Various methods for using telehealth across applied behavior analysis settings may be devised to meet the distinct needs of children with autism spectrum disorders, depending on the resources of the service provider, the regulations of its funders, and the requirements of the client.

Telehealth Group ABA Therapy / Social Skills

Social Skills training offers the opportunity to practice the skills learned by direct ABA therapy, while developing the social skills that cannot be learned through a session at the clinic. Telehealth Group ABA is perfect for people struggling with social anxiety or who have difficulty showing up for a session at the clinic, due to distance or unavailability.

Support for Parent-led ABA Therapy

Parent-Led ABA offers parents the resources and skills to help train their child to use foundational ABA techniques, increasing their positive learning opportunities and providing them the necessary skills for a structured parent-training program. The capacity of participating families to interact with a therapist is reduced, giving them more control over their time.


When using telehealth, keep in mind that this behavior specialist's role is not receiving direct hands-on assistance with ABA therapy or one-on-one oversight of ABA therapy assignments, but is a supplementary way of providing additional oversight and input for in-home coaches.

Telehealth benefits in ABA-based behavioral therapy

Telehealth benefits will result in the expansion of access to ABA-based behavioral therapy services for individuals dealing with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Satisfaction and outcomes of patients improved

In addition to increasing the frequency and efficiency of supervision and communication with the patients, BCBAs can increase the frequency of treated patients with their own medical team, as well as regularly executes training with their services. As a result, the speed of treatment and progress can quicken, along with the patient's level of satisfaction.

Geographically expanded service areas

Driving hours must be used by families so their children can receive professional care locally. By providing ABA supervision using telehealth, patients can receive acute care from behavior interventionists with remote supervision provided by BCBAs most of the time.

Increased Supervision and Communication

The BCBA can videoconference using telehealth more frequently, allowing her to make remote sessions. This allows her to observe the affected person, speak with the parents or guardians, and address any issues, questions, goals, and pace.

ABA Telehealth Services: Get Started Today

If your child is going through aversive-based medical treatment services delivered via telehealth, take the initial steps toward their growth a substantial step.