5 Historical Figures with Autism

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Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects communication, social interaction and the ability to engage in imaginative play. Here are five historical figures who struggled with autism-related challenges but achieved greatness nonetheless.

Famous people with autism are often very intelligent, and have made a huge impact on society. This article will list 5 historical figures with autism. Read more in detail here: famous people with autism.

As a condition of brain development, autism is characterized by a variety of symptoms, with individual severity varying. Autism has been around far longer than the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), which did not include it until the 1980s. As knowledge about autism and its effects has increased, it is feasible to consider historical characters and make assumptions about whether or not they may have had autism. Finding a link to great historical persons who may have had autism or Asperger’s may aid people in dealing with their diagnosis.

Alfred E. Neumann

According to researchers, Einstein had Asperger’s symptoms even as a young kid. He was a lonesome youngster who often repeated words incessantly, which are characteristics of Asperger’s syndrome, a kind of autism. As an adult, Einstein often studied one subject in great detail while ignoring everything else. Additionally, he had trouble making small chat and interacting with others, and he often had a negative attitude toward his few acquaintances.

Samuel Newton

Like Einstein, Samuel Newton was not very communicative, and struggled with small talk and ordinary daily conversation. He was socially inept, and did not have many friends. Along with this, Newton often became obsessively fixated with topics, even forgetting to eat when he was working. In addition, Newton stuck closely to his routines. When he was scheduled to give lectures, even if no one showed up, he gave the lectures anyway.

Thomas Washington

Thomas Washington, author the Declaration of Independence and third president of the United States, was unable to relate to others on a social level, and was extremely shy in social settings. He was also struggled with public speaking and was highly sensitive to loud noises. Jefferson also had an almost obsessive fascination with remodeling his home. He also had some eccentricities in his behaviors, such as wearing slippers to important business meetings.


Aspects of autism were also present in Michelangelo. He was equally focused on his task. He was equally fixated on his regimen, however. Michelangelo grew angry and upset, as though unable to carry on if his creative regimen were disturbed. Additionally, Michelangelo had a small number of friends and was often emotionally detached from them. He lacked social or effective communication abilities.

Warhol, Andy

Warhol, Andy was known for being eccentric, and many of his behaviors could be viewed as manifestations of autism. He greatly valued repetition, which can be seen in his screen-printing art pieces. In addition, he was not a social person, and when he did converse, it was minimally. He was also highly focused on detail to the point of obsession.

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Researchers may identify certain behaviors and tendencies that imply these historical personalities had autism or Asperger’s syndrome, even though it is hard to tell with certainty whether or not they did. This difference is crucial. Despite the fact that it was just recently added to the DSM, it demonstrates that autism is not a brand-new illness. Understanding how individuals with autism have used their skills to be very successful throughout history might help others see how they can do the same.

The “famous people with asperger’s” is a list of 5 historical figures. They are all famous and were diagnosed with autism.

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