30 Great Jobs for People on the Autism Spectrum

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People on the autism spectrum face a number of challenges to finding employment, but with the right skills and training they can make a difference in people’s lives. Here are 30 great jobs you might be able to get if you have autism or Asperger Syndrome.

The “worst jobs for autistic adults” is a job listing website that lists 30 jobs that are not ideal for people on the autism spectrum The site includes information about how to make these jobs more suitable.

Finding the ideal employment may be difficult for people with autism, as more and more people with autism join the workforce. We started looking for 30 perfect careers for persons with autism because of this. Because every individual is different and no two people with autism have the same experience, we included a range of vocations on our list, from janitor to veterinarian. Others will be most suited for people with high-functioning autism or Asperger’s, while others may be most appropriate for those who may be non-verbal or who have extra issues. All of the positions we mentioned, however, were highly recommended by people with autism spectrum disorders Even the PayScale average wage for each position is mentioned here. 30 great careers for persons with autism are listed below.


$51,024 is the average salary. An accounting position is perfect for a high-functioning autistic individual who appreciates math. Although they sometimes work for themselves, accountants often work for businesses. tasks consist of:

  • handling finances
  • submitting taxes
  • maintaining a balance sheet
  • making reports on sales and financial flow, to mention a few.


Typical Pay: $90,264 Analysts for insurance businesses include actuaries. They utilize statistical research to decide what kinds of policies should cost more than others and how insurance firms may maintain a stable financial position. Actuaries often have office jobs, appreciate statistics, and have high aptitudes with numbers and huge volumes of data.



Salary on Average: $66,120 The concept of being an architect would undoubtedly appeal to those who want to construct and design. Structures like homes and buildings are created by architects. An architect has to be disciplined enough to assure correct designs, organized enough to work on many projects at once, and skillful enough to communicate with a team.



$56,244 on average The position of auditor may be appropriate for you if you like maths and have the analytical abilities to spot mistakes. While some auditors work for businesses and the government, many are independent contractors. It is the responsibility of auditors to verify the veracity of:

  • business documents
  • municipal data
  • financial statements.

Vehicle Technician


Average Salary: $49,902 Love cars? Good with your hands? Then how about a job as an Vehicle Technician? Vehicle Technicians perform routine repairs and maintenance on vehicles. They may work at an auto repair shop, a car dealership, or have their own business. While some interaction with customers may be necessary, most of the job is working alone on the car or truck.



Salary on average: $48,372 Anyone who appreciates construction, manual labor, and being outside will perform well in the carpentry field. Carpenters provide the wood required to assemble furniture, doors, window frames, and other building materials. The following abilities are necessary:

  • Using tools
  • fundamental mathematical ability
  • the capacity for blueprint reading.



Salary on Average: $22,500 One of the most common careers for those on the autism spectrum is a cashier in a supermarket or retail shop. Although the profession requires connection with consumers, it also has a routine and seldom changes. The cashiers who get positions at their preferred locations are the happiest.



Salary on average: $36,787 Numerous individuals on the autistic spectrum like cooking. People with ASD are particularly fond of baking since it requires careful adherence to a recipe. The position of caterer is an excellent choice for someone who wants to create a profession out of this hobby. A menu must be developed by caterers in collaboration with clients for:

  • wedding suppers
  • infant showers
  • business meetings
  • other unique occasions.

If working with people makes you uncomfortable yet catering intrigues you, think about looking for positions at a bakery or restaurant.

Programmer of computers


Average Salary: $62,841 Best for those with high-functioning autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, being a Programmer of computers is ideal for anyone who enjoys:

  • coding
  • constructing software
  • using computers for fun

Programmer of computerss typically work in office settings, where they code or write computer software, then troubleshoot and debug that software.

Data Scientist


Average Salary: $60,123 Data Scientists look at large amounts of data on a particular topic, then use that data to form conclusions and create charts or reports. Mathematical skills are necessary, as is being comfortable with programs like Excel, SharePoint, and SQL databases. Though Data Scientists must be able to work with clients and managers, a good portion of their work is done on their own.

Clerk for data entry


Average Salary: $33,402 The job of Clerk for data entry is common common among those on the autism spectrum. People with ASD appreciate that this job rarely requires anything more than a high school diploma. Plus, the work is solitary and does not vary much from day to day, meaning it’s easy to stick to a comfortable routine. Clerk for data entrys are employed by companies, and tasks include:

  • putting information into a database on a computer
  • information transcription from recordings
  • updating the data rosters.

Canine trainer


Average Salary: $35,722 A Canine trainer is a great job choice for any person with autism who loves to spend time with animals. While most Canine trainers work with private clients to train puppies and adult dogs in basic manners, others work with dogs who need to overcome fear or bad habits. Others train dogs for movies and television.

Financial Expert


Average Salary: $60,526 Another ideal job for a person who’s skilled in mathematics is that of Financial Expert. Financial Experts study marketplace trends and demographics, and help their employer make smart investments. Organization and attention to detail are important skills for a Financial Expert to have, as tasks include:

  • designing budgets
  • reports
  • performing analysis

tech in forensic science


Average Salary: $49,490 If the thought of blood, gore, and bodies doesn’t bother you, then consider pursuing a job as a tech in forensic science. tech in forensic sciences work for police departments. They work with forensic scientists to gather and analyze crime scenes. A tech in forensic science is responsible for:

  • examining the evidence
  • drawing up diagrams
  • producing reports



Salary on average: $36,248 Anyone who appreciates being outdoors and using their hands to produce natural beauty should consider a career as a gardener. The majority of gardeners are self-employed or employed by small landscaping businesses. Others work for corporations, organizations, or the parks and recreation division of a city. tasks consist of:

  • mowing
  • flowering plants
  • weeding
  • hedging hedges



Salary on average: $28,989 Janitors are a necessary component of any workplace or educational environment. They are in charge of:

  • sanitizing floors
  • eliminating waste
  • upkeep of kitchens and restrooms
  • doing little repairs

The job of janitor appeals to many individuals since it entails working independently and often just calls for a high school certificate.



Salary on average: $40,390 Journalism is an option for students who are interested in current affairs and have a solid command of the English language. Journalists may be employed by:

  • websites
  • the news media
  • newspapers

Despite the fact that researching and producing articles are often done alone, the work frequently involves speaking with a range of individuals.



Salary on average: $50,167 A career as a librarian can be ideal for an autistic bookworm! As a librarian, you could:

  • a community library
  • a federal library
  • a library at a college or institution

In general, librarians are in charge of managing the library’s holdings, sorting through paperwork, and checking books in and out.

Engineer, mechanical


Average Salary: $70,427 To be a Engineer, mechanical, a person must be skilled in the use of software and have good problem-solving skills. We think this describes a lot of people on the autism spectrum! Engineer, mechanicals help plan and manufacture new types of products. So they must also work well on, and communicate with, a team. For this reason, the job of Engineer, mechanical may be best suited for those with high-functioning autism or Asperger’s.

Lab Technician in Medicine


Average Salary: $55,298 To be Lab Technician in Medicine, one must be interested in anatomy and medical science, have good organizational skills, and be unafraid of things like blood and urine. Lab techs work with people of all ages and backgrounds, and collect samples that need to be tested. Then, they use microscopes and other tools to test those samples.



salary: $55,129 on average The majority of meteorologists do not present their results to a live television audience, despite the fact that most people associate the word “meteorologist” with the weatherman on their local news station. Instead, they analyze historical data, produce weather-related graphs, and make observations and forecasts about the weather. Then they reveal their discoveries to:

  • meteorologists on television
  • newspapers
  • farmers
  • different groupings.



Salary on average: $48,132 With the attorneys they work for, paralegals do several legal, commercial, and regulatory research projects. Other responsibilities include document filing and acting as a type of assistant when attorneys have client meetings or appear in court. In addition to having a strong command of reading and writing, paralegals must be able to ask prospective clients a number of probing questions without feeling uncomfortable.



Salary on average: $46,179 People with autism who like being creative and taking pictures could succeed as photographers. Most photographers are independent contractors, meaning they have complete control over their work schedule, clientele, and workload. While some photographers capture landscapes or other subjects for publications, stock picture websites, or websites, others capture:

  • weddings
  • families
  • new infants
  • graduations.



$53,208 is the average salary. Everybody eventually needs a plumber! The majority of a plumber’s work is done alone, even if it does include some customer contact. This is perfect for a plumber with ASD who would like less engagement. Water systems in houses and other buildings are installed and maintained by plumbers. Typical duties consist of:

  • putting in new systems
  • pipe-cutting fresh ones
  • repairing appliances and toilets.

Program Engineer


Average Salary: $85,009 Those who enjoy computers, codes, and working [mostly] alone might really like the idea of being a Program Engineer. Program Engineers are typically the people who help to develop different software functions as created by the software design team. Working with programmers and coders is a must, though Program Engineers are bound to have lots of time building and testing functions on their own.

Program tester


$56,170 on average

Program testers are the ones responsible for testing new software programs before they are sent to clients or made available to the public. The job typically consists of running automated and manual test to ensure the software is free of bugs. For this reason, an interest in computers and programming is vital.

Technical Author


Average Salary: $57,757 Technical Authors are the people responsible for writing instruction manuals and other documents that communicate technical information. They often work in office settings and are employed by companies. Other times, they work from home. Successful Technical Authors must be organized and have a good command of language.

Veterinary technician or veterinarian


Average Salary: $33,699, $80,396 (for veterinarians) (Veterinary Technician) The careers of veterinarian and veterinary technician were often suggested to us as excellent vocations for persons with autism since many people on the autistic spectrum adore and feel at ease around animals. A veterinary technician initially examines each animal and notes its weight, any symptoms it may be experiencing, and any worries its owner may have. A veterinarian is the primary healthcare provider for all animals, large and small.

Designer of video games


Average Salary: $64,482 Because lots of people — including many on the autism spectrum! — enjoy playing video games, the job of Designer of video games is an intriguing one. Designer of video gamess use computers and gaming systems to create playable games for others. Usually, the job involves:

  • generating a concept
  • helping to create it
  • ensuring that it is bug-free before release by testing it.



Salary on average: $49.533 Anyone who is proficient in English may find a means to support themselves as writers. Although the majority of people associate writers with individuals who produce books, that isn’t always the case. Many authors work as freelancers to support themselves; they produce material for clients like:

  • websites
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • businesses
  • anybody else who needs writing assistance.

The “worst jobs for aspergers” is a list of 30 different jobs that are considered to be the worst for people on the autism spectrum. Reference: worst jobs for asperger’s.

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