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As technology continues to advance, so does the understanding of autism. It seems like every day a new article is written about how tech can help those on the spectrum. We’ve gathered 30 best articles from trusted sources and present them below for your reading pleasure!

The “autism blogs 2022” is a blog that features 30 of the best autism blogs on the internet. The blog has been updated since it’s creation in 2014, and it continues to be one of the most popular blogs on the web.

July 2019 ABAPG Staff

The blog is the ideal platform for staying up to date with all that is innovative and beneficial in the field of autism, which includes autism research and autism education.

Although there are many fantastic blogs on autism on the internet, we’re certain we’ve uncovered 30 of the finest. Each blog on our list was selected based on a number of criteria, including the credibility of the person(s) or organization(s) in charge of it, the regularity and quality of its articles, and its website stats. The latter consists of the blog’s monthly traffic, Facebook and Twitter followers, and the websites that link to it.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 30 autism blogs for 2019 for you to choose from, whether you want to bookmark, subscribe, or simply read.

Autism Age

With an average 11 new posts per week, Autism Age is a great blog to bookmark and refer to often. The blog keeps its readers up-to-date on autism news. It analyzes environmental causes of autism and current treatment options from the perspective that autism is, in fact, treatable. Recent blog posts include, “A Modest Proposal for the Public Official Vaccine Compliance Act” and “The Neurodiversity Movement Should Acknowledge Autism as a Medical Disability.”

The Autism Art

The Autism Art is an inspiring blog written which seeks to inspire people with autism through the arts. About three new posts are added weekly. Each is written from the unique perspective of a physician, therapist, or parent. The blog entries are always topical and informative. They also include lots of information about new art exhibits, neurodiversity panels, and entertainment events.

Autism Journeys

Former special education teacher Melissa Finch runs the popular blog “Autism Journeys.” The blog is a valuable resource for parents and teachers of children on the autism spectrum. Blog posts range from every day advice (“motivating kids with zero motivation”) to curriculum ideas to use in the classroom and at home. 

Dad with Autism

With nearly 11,000 Facebook fans and 15,000 Twitter followers, Dad with Autism is the internet’s most popular autism-related blog that isn’t affiliated with a large organization. The blog is managed by a father of three autistic children who has made it his mission to “educate and help families like mine realize they aren’t alone.” On average, more than 30 new posts are added to the blog each week, on topics ranging from updates on his family to autism management tips and ideas.

ADHD Daddy

The father of a teenage son with non-verbal autism is the manager of ADHD Daddy, a blog followed by more than 150,000 people on social media. Not to be confused with Dad with Autism blog, ADHD Daddy keeps its readers up-to-date on all that transpires in the author’s life: “the good & the bad, the pee & the poop.” New posts are published about once a month and are written on topics ranging from speech language pathology, to marriage, to tips for new autism parents.

Spectrum Eye

Spectrum Eye is the official blog of the quarterly magazine of the same name. Both the blog and magazine are written by award-winning journalists who also happen to be the parents of an autistic child. About two new articles hit the blog each week, and recent topics have included new drugs that boost brain connections, the need for better sex education, and respite centers.

The Autism Aid

While most autism-themed blogs are written by those with autism, or by parents of those with autism, The Autism Aid is written by Sasha Long, a Behavior Analyst and special education teacher. This unique perspective makes it an invaluable resource, and the blog posts often include things like:

  • resources and worksheets for education
  • responses to frequent queries from parents
  • advice on how to deal with various behavioral problems.

Archives of the Autism Parenting Magazine

Autism Parenting Magazine is well-known to the majority of parents of children on the autism spectrum. This magazine has a blog where it publishes its previously published articles that have been preserved. The themes covered are diverse and all of the content is focused on problems that impact people with autism.

resources and Community for Autism

About once a week, Stages Learning’s autism-focused blog publishes new content, and anybody interested in the topic will find a wealth of useful material there. Therapists and educators often write posts, and popular subjects include:

  • resources
  • lesson programs
  • general assistance
  • updates
  • information on the range of available treatments

Blog for The Autism Site

Blog for The Autism Site has become an invaluable resource for thousands of families coping with the challenges of autism. In fact, to form a community and provide assistance is exactly how this blog got started. Today, new posts appear daily and the blog enjoys more than 200,000 Facebook followers.

Disability Society Blog

The Disability Society Blog is the country’s foremost grassroots autism organization, so you can be sure its official blog is chock-full of inspiring stories and useful information. Indeed, each of the twice-monthly blog posts are meant to increase the public awareness of common issues faced by those on the autism spectrum. Therefore, common post topics include, among other subjects:

  • calling for new services
  • newest information about treatments
  • outlines of fresh research.

Blog for Autism Speaks

Since Autistic Speaks is perhaps the most well-known autism organization in the world, it was simple to include their official blog in our list of the top autism blogs for 2018. The site is an excellent place to immerse oneself since it covers, among other things:

  • suggestions for improving social skills
  • solutions to frequently posed questions
  • examination of recent scientific findings.

With a Side of Fries and Autism

For an honest look at a mother’s experiences with her autistic son, there may be no better blog than With a Side of Fries and Autism. Eileen, the blog’s author, uses humor and passion to tell stories of her daily challenges and triumphs. She reminds her readers that when it comes to autism, “It’s better to laugh than to cry.”

Mama with autism

Mama with autism is a blog and valuable resource for parents, teachers, and other caregivers of children on the autism spectrum. Posts cover a variety of topics, including, among other things:

  • diagnosis
  • the experience of having autism
  • advocacy

Some recent blog entries are:

  • What is Stimming Exactly, and Why Do Autistic People Stim?
  • “Using Teaching Textbooks 3.0 to Outsource Math”
  • “Your autistic child is not excluded by neurodiversity, but you may be.” 

Autism best practices

Autism best practices is the informative blog of Dr. Lee A. Wilkinson, physician and author of A Best Practice Guide to Assessment and Intervention for Autism and Asperger Syndrome in Schools. Though more clinical than most other blogs on our list, Autism best practices is chock-full of valuable tips and information about autism assessment and education. Dr. Wilkinson posts about three posts per month.Recent topics have included:

  • Alternative Autism Therapies: How Effective Are They?
  • Autism: Affective and Cognitive Empathy.

With Autism, Faith, Hope, and Love

The author of this motivational blog first began out as Philip’s father. Philip was an autistic boy who spent the large portion of his childhood without speaking. Philip started posting his own sincere blogs more lately. The blog charts Philip’s communication development from silence through letter-board communication to his present level of communication. The blog’s writers also discuss being devoted to God in the face of the most challenging difficulties.

Cooper’s Voice Can Be Found

Kate is a mother of three boys, one of whom has severe, non-verbal autism. This tough mama began her blog, Cooper’s Voice Can Be Found, as a way to document her feelings. But over the years, the blog has turned into a supportive community of parents and caregivers from all over the world. Kate’s posts provide an honest glimpse into the daily life of raising a child on the autism spectrum. 

Exploring the World of Early Childhood Autism with One Special Boy: Flappiness Is

The lovely and educational blog Flappiness Is… is written by a mother of a young kid with autism spectrum disorder Each month, fresh articles on subjects including parenting autistic children, the most recent developments in the autism sector, and evaluations of publications, software programs, and other resources are published.

One Angel plus Four

For parents of children with autism, sometimes it’s nice to hear from other parents. That’s the goal of Jessica’s blog, One Angel plus Four. Through inspiring blog posts, Jessica shares daily experiences about her family and reveals the ways in which autism no longer defines either her daughter or their family. 

Viva Team Kate!

Viva Team Kate! is a social media favorite and one of the best autism blogs on the internet. More than 15,000 people tune in for weekly posts following a little girl named Kate’s autism diagnosis and her family’s challenges and victories.

I Admire ABA

Those interested in Applied Behavior Analysis should be sure to check out I Admire ABA. This popular blog is chock full of:

  • no-cost resources
  • lesson programs
  • a glossary for ABA
  • autism warning signs
  • every day advice

The blog’s creator and primary author, Tameika, works hard to make this important resource “non-intimidating and straightforward to comprehend” for all potential users. 

The Experience of Having Autism

The Experience of Having Autism is the personal blog of Ethan, a teenager who was diagnosed at age two with high-functioning autism Ethan documents the ways in which he is continuing to reach his goals, despite his ASD. He also posts inspiring and thought-provoking ideas for the ways in which educators, doctors, and other caregivers can improve their interaction with those with autism. A number of experts also contribute regularly to The Experience of Having Autism. 

Simply a Blog

Simply a Blog is a must-read for those readers who are looking for a humorous perspective on what is often a very serious subject. In fact, Simply a Blog can be downright hilarious. Written by Jim Walter, a single father of two daughters, one of whom is autistic, Simply a Blog documents Jim’s unique and challenging experiences with honesty, humor, and lots of love.

In your eyes, please

In your eyes, please is a unique blog for a number of reasons. First, while most blogs deal with the autism experiences of young children and their parents, this blog is written by John Elder Robison, an author in his 60s who has Asperger’s Syndrome. Most autism-themed blogs either recount challenging experiences or present educational material. Robison’s blog doubles as a literary serial of his life with Asperger’s and an educational blog with his thoughts on the evolution of the autism spectrum over the decades.

Motherly Kind

Motherly Kind is a website chock full of resources for parenting neurodiverse children. The site’s creator, Alicia, is an autism and parenting coach, and uses the website’s blog to share her parenting expertise. Two of Alicia’s children are on the spectrum, and therefore there is a special emphasis on families with multiple children with ASD. 

Growing Autistic Children

Founded by Kate M., a San Diego-based mother of an autistic son, Growing Autistic Children is “a community of moms and experts.” Kate writes many of the blog posts, and says that even though she’s been a parent for many years now, she is still a rookie “because with ASD children, the milestones don’t apply.” Other blog posts are written by volunteer guest bloggers who tend to be other parents or experts in the field of autism spectrum disorder  

Autism Blog for Children in Seattle

It shouldn’t be surprising that the Seattle Children’s Autism Center’s official blog is among the finest of its type as it is one of the nation’s leading facilities of its sort. The site offers a variety of useful resources for parents of autistic children, including inspiring tales, how-tos, advice on how to maintain one’s sanity and patience, and even a blogcast.


Parents of autistic children have created hundreds of top-notch blogs. The number of blogs created by parents of autistic children has significantly decreased. Stimeyland is one of those uncommon blogs, however. Stimey’s experiences as a parent of an autistic child provide readers a unique perspective on typical difficulties, significant life accomplishments, and most recently, her daughter’s coming out as transgender.


The well-known autism blog Squidalicious is run by Shannon Rosa, a self-described geek and mother of the autistic teenager Leo. Even while she talks about the difficulties she and Leo confront, new facts (and disinformation) in the field of autism, and even politics, Shannon’s blog often has a lighthearted tone.

Autism: A Thinking Person’s Guide

For those who wish to immerse themselves in an informative blog with evidence-based articles on autism, look no further than Autism: A Thinking Person’s Guide. The blog posts approximately four in-depth articles per month, each of which is written by an autism parent or autism professional.

The “high functioning autism blog” is a blog that discusses the topic of high-functioning autism. It is one of the best blogs that discuss this subject.

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