10 Best Subscription Boxes for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

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Subscription boxes are an affordable and convenient way to make sure everyone in the family is getting exactly what they need. Products like these can help children with autism learn social skills improve their self-esteem, or just have fun doing something new. They’re a win/win for parents and kids alike!

The “sensory box for autistic child” is a subscription-based service that provides children with sensory boxes. These boxes are designed to help children who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other related disorders.

It may be challenging to find games and activities that are both enjoyable and instructive, particularly if you’re buying for a kid who is on the autism spectrum Thankfully, more businesses are now providing kids with entertaining subscription boxes that are also instructive. Although many of these subscription boxes are designed for kids in general, some are specifically chosen for people with autism. We looked into each one to determine which were the top ten subscription boxes for children on the autism spectrum

teeny passports

From $16.95 / month Children of all abilities love the teeny passports subscription boxes! These award-winning boxes are designed by age, and cover things like oceans, dinosaurs, and other interesting topics (ages 3-5); different countries (ages 6-10); U.S. states (7-12); and science (9+). Each suitcase-shaped box consists of activities, books, and souvenirs. Myriad one-time supplemental packs are also available.


From $16.95 This imaginative monthly subscription package mixes literary works, art, and a ton of family entertainment. There are three alternatives available:

  • a digital toolkit with topical book lists and art recommendations
  • the spark kit, which consists of a hardback book and a single supply-filled activity
  • the deluxe package, which comes with a hardback book and two activities with materials that go with it.

Spectrum Shock

$37.00 / month Spectrum Shock is a monthly subscription box created for kids on the Autism Spectrum. Each box contains 5-6 toys and activities meant to improve skills like communication, regulation, and sensory integration. There’s even a laminated visual aid to help parents and kids make the most of their box.

Box for Sensory TheraPlay

$39.95 / month Children on the Autism Spectrum thrive with sensory play. Not only are sensory-based activities fun, but they can be extremely beneficial. The Box for Sensory TheraPlay is a monthly box that has been carefully curated by a pediatric occupational therapist. Each box contains 5-6 sensory items chosen to stimulate the senses and to help develop important sensory motor skills.

Subscription Box for EarlyVention

From $39.95 The Subscription Box for EarlyVention is designed especially for children with autism and different abilities. Each box comes right to your doorstep. It includes activities which are hands on, stress free, and most importantly, based on evidence-based approaches to helping a child with autism learn to interact and communicate. The subscription box can be tailored to your wants and needs. For $39.95 per month, you’ll receive a themed sensory box. For $80.59, you will receive the full activity box, which includes the sensory box plus six additional activities. You can even add on interactive story activities for an additional $22.00.

Your EduCrate

$39.95 / month The MyEduCrate subscription package is designed for kids aged 6 to 11 of various abilities and is perfect for them. For inspiration and engagement, each box includes books and activities with a specific subject. Just a few examples of previous themes are as follows:

  • a person’s body
  • math
  • William Edison
  • fifty states.

Sensory Play Messy Bin

$40 per month Each month, Messy Play produces a fresh Sensory Bin to distribute to subscribers. The bins have themes, and a few examples of previous themes are as follows:

  • excavation of dinosaurs
  • Insects and Butterflies
  • Gardening.

The bins are made for kids aged three and older, and everything within is non-toxic and machine-washable. Additionally, each sensory container is reusable, allowing kids endless playtime.

Box Spinner

$49.00 / month Older children on the Autism Spectrum who rely on fidget spinners to stim will appreciate the Box Spinner. This monthly box includes, among other things:

  • 1-2 unique, restricted-edition spinners
  • free spinners
  • swag like cool t-shirts
  • bearings, bags, and buttons.

Mama, may I join the club for the sensory bin of the month?

$65.00 / month Join Mama May I’s Sensory Bin of the Month Club instead of spending hours researching and assembling sensory bins for your child. A seasonally and age-appropriate bin is brought to your house each month. The bins are thoughtfully made to encourage exploration, creative play, experimenting, and many other things. This subscription is most suitable for children aged three and above since the sensory bins may include tiny objects.

Hoppi Box

$100 each quarter Your doorway receives joyful play thanks to The Hoppi Box! Although these boxes are made for kids of all abilities, those on the autism spectrum may find them to be particularly useful. Every three months—in March, June, September, and December—Hoppi boxes are distributed. Four to five top-notch toys from companies like Hape, Moulin Roty, PlanToys, and Tegu are included. Development is nurtured “stage by stage…box by box” with each box.

The “sensory box subscription for adults” is a service that provides children with boxes of sensory items, such as toys and games. There are 10 best subscription boxes for kids on the autism spectrum.

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