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Reviews On Autism

The TEACCH Method helps children on the autism spectrum to learn through social interactions and classes. It is a teaching method that

Autism is a developmental disorder that causes difficulties with social interaction and communication, as well as repetitive behaviors. The cause of the

The principle of differential reinforcement is a behavior therapy technique which uses rewarding and punishing behaviors to encourage desired responses. It’s primarily

Autism is an issue that has been brought up in the media recently, and as people become more aware of it, autism-related

An ABA therapist is someone who uses a behavior analysis approach, while a BCBA does not. The “bcba vs aba salary” is

Choice theory is a cognitive science framework that explains how human decision-making has evolved to be largely goal directed and autonomous. The

About Here On The Spectrum.

Here On The Spectrum is started by Janice M.Sc. BCBA, as a way to help families on a global scale.

Janice is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Special Education. She also holds a Master of Science in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) from Queen’s University, Belfast. She has worked with and case managed children and youth with autism and other intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in home and residential setting since 2013.